Best Beefballs and Yongtaufu @ Beef House on 22Jan2019

beef house @ syed alwi road

beef house @ syed alwi road

went with my OPS bro WM to beef house @ syed alwi road for beef balls & yongtaufu on 22.1.2019. ^^

both excellent..

beef balls

beef balls

best beef balls i have taken, great bite texture, sweet, natural uneven grains. not better than the beef balls my relatives in shantou sent me, but quite the same standard.

tapao beef & tendon balls s$0.70 each

bought/tapao 10 beefballs & 10 tendon balls back, S$0.70 each.

lady said 1kg S$36 about 50+ balls, didn’t seem much cheaper than $0.70 eah so bought 20 first to try see how…

S$5 yongtaufu

S$5 yongtaufu

ytf was excellent too. i think as good as ikan bilis chinatown stall.

there was a oyster piece (very hakka), and i liked the ngoh hiang pieces.

no noodles/carbs, WM asked for additional ingredients 加料 so S$5. really good! ^^

beef balls

must add that the coffee here was very good too, very strong and not bitter as good as 1950 in chinatown.

afterwards walked over to sungei road laksa & took S$3 kaksa plus S$1 hum..bagus!

c.h.e.f andy



Superb Toro Platter Good Chirashi Don 3pax Lunch @ Izakaya Shindo on 21Jan2019

S$38 toro platter

my RI bro CL organised 3pax “birthday” lunch for Tolmas.

Tolmas recommended Izakaya shindo @ boat quay 👍

star of the show was the excellent otoro chutoro akami platter S$ we ordered that lor!^^

3pax lunch @ izakaya shindo

izakaya shindo

good lunch sets and good crowd. walk-in no reservations.

we were among the first at 11.45am, soon it was quite crowded.

parking was horrendous…i was unable to get parking at hong lim police station side and hong kong street even though i was early at 11.25am. and by the time i went one round and got back to UOB plaza, the carpark also full and 3 cars ahead waiting. luckily i got parking soon enough. and kena charged $12 for like 2 hrs parking. really atrocious!


salad the usual.

S$18 chirashi don

S$18 chirashi don

i am sucker for chirashi don, so i ordered one for myself. CL & Tolmas shared one.

good chirashi don at S$18, came with one chutoro and one akami. good cuts not overwhelming and jolly good for S$18 nett. no service no gst.

S$24 grilled hokke & saba

S$24 grilled hokke & saba

1/2 & 1/2 grilled hokke & saba S$24 ok…good, didn’t mind it but not my favourite when i have other good choices.

S$38 toro platter

for sashimi and toro lovers, this platter at S$38nett something to die for….

we had a great lunch, afterwards Tolmas bought coffee at paris baguette.

c.h.e.f andy


Izakay Shindo




Son’s Crabmeat Pasta and Sous Vide Ribeye 6pax Home Dinner on 19Jan2019

son’s crabmeat pasta 

son made very nice crabmeat pasta for 6pax home dinner on 19.6.2019. ^^.

good canned crabmeat, lots of cherry tomatoes, heavy cream and herbs, parsley and basil! ^^

son’s crabmeat pasta

taste was wonderful, delicious. pasta could have been more al dente.

the creamy texture almost like a roe pasta…i like it!

sous vide black onyx ribeye – reverse sear method

sous vide black onyx ribeye – reverse sear method 

i did the reverse sear sous vide ranger valley balck onyx boned-in ribeye J gave us. 🙂

reverse sear method = sous vide 53.5degC for 2hrs then high heat pangrilled + flamed..

really excellent steak so tender & tasty..super nice

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice

salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice 

I made salted fish minced pork egg white fried rice.

wife and son both said it was really flavourful “pang”! ^^

prawns in chinese wine sauce

& a prawn in chinese wine sauce dish.

i used leftover sauce from my chinese wine chicken for teban gardens yesterday. 🙂

aunty bes calamari 

aunty Bes made usual nice calamari. texture just right, not rubbery & too salty.

son’s crabmeat pasta

had a wonderful family home dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy



Recipe = Reverse Sear Ranger Valley Black Onyx Boned-in Ribeye on 19Jan2019

ranger valley black onyx boned-in ribeye

wife’s good friend J & H was in sydney and brought back a large ranger valley black onyx boned-in ribeye for us.

apparently black onyx is a MB3+ black angus quality…

it was a thick slab like 2″ and probably 1kg – 1.2kg steak.

i decided to do the reverse sear method using the sous vide machine wife bought me sometime back but i had not used yet.

not my first “reverse sear” which i did 3hrs in 60degC oven on 12.6.2016, but first time using sous vide…

so reverse sear just mean to cook the steak to the perfect doneness and texture, in this case medium rare, then to bbq, pan-grill and flame to brown and caramelise the sugars – the maillard reaction to make a flavourful steak.

and indeed reverse sear should be done using sous vide, but i approximated with oven when i did not have sous vide machine.

sous vide black onyx ribeye – reverse sear method

i estimated 53.5degC and 2hrs.

this i double checked with J’s son M who did this many times before and also googled, and it was just that, quite correct!

most internet recipe seasoned the steak first.

the steak came vacuum packed and i didn’t want to break it, season then seal in vacuum bag again, so i sous vide in the original vacuum pack.

i boiled water and added to to the sous vide pot to bring the temp to around 50degC, and set sous vide to 53.3degC and 2 hrs.

then i removed the steak patted dry with kitchen towels and seasoned with sea salt and black pepper.

then i pan-grilled on high heat with little butter, flaming the surface side, turned the steak and repeated.

sous vide black onyx ribeye – reverse sear method

sous vide black onyx ribeye – reverse sear method

really excellent steak so tender & tasty..super nice! ^^

very flavourful, bursting with flavours literally, marbled consistency not too fat. almost perfect steak!

sous means below, vide means temperature so sous vide just means lower temperature cooking.

most literature will tell you sous vide provides consistency in internal temperature and so makes a more perfect steak, whereas pan-grilled, bbq etc results in a temperature gradient.

my pan-grilled tagliata di manzo

and indeed though my tagliata di manzo using the pangrilled method is really quite good.

this reverse sear preparation today delivered a truly wonderful steak! ^^

sous vide black onyx ribeye – reverse sear method

very happy with the results.

see if i can get 2″ thick cut reasonably priced boned-in ribeye here.

thick cuts are important as the pan – searing and flaming to brown the steak may overcook thin steaks and negate the purpose of sous vide.

may try also other cheaper cuts of meat like rump?

c.h.e.f andy