Best Beefballs and Yongtaufu @ Beef House on 22Jan2019

beef house @ syed alwi road

beef house @ syed alwi road

went with my OPS bro WM to beef house @ syed alwi road for beef balls & yongtaufu on 22.1.2019. ^^

both excellent..

beef balls

beef balls

best beef balls i have taken, great bite texture, sweet, natural uneven grains. not better than the beef balls my relatives in shantou sent me, but quite the same standard.

tapao beef & tendon balls s$0.70 each

bought/tapao 10 beefballs & 10 tendon balls back, S$0.70 each.

lady said 1kg S$36 about 50+ balls, didn’t seem much cheaper than $0.70 eah so bought 20 first to try see how…

S$5 yongtaufu

S$5 yongtaufu

ytf was excellent too. i think as good as ikan bilis chinatown stall.

there was a oyster piece (very hakka), and i liked the ngoh hiang pieces.

no noodles/carbs, WM asked for additional ingredients 加料 so S$5. really good! ^^

beef balls

must add that the coffee here was very good too, very strong and not bitter as good as 1950 in chinatown.

afterwards walked over to sungei road laksa & took S$3 kaksa plus S$1 hum..bagus!

c.h.e.f andy



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