Good Tapao Dishes @ Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant for RI 14Bros Nov Dec Birthday Dinner on 18Dec2018

14 bros nov dec birthday dinner

getting dishes ready

LKY, chong lee & kim kong organised the RI14bros nov/dec birthday bash..

LKY ordered and collected the food from Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant at Macpherson Road

KK brought his loudspeaker for karaoke set up the karaoke. We also watched bbc earth dynasty and Sully..

CL brought 2 cakes from flor for the 4 nov/dec birthday boys & 2 proseco.

Choon Hung brought disposal plates, gorks & spoons.

KH brought nuts & crisp nothing left in no time..🙂

TC brought a red wine.

HAB brought grapes.

& LKY provided the karaoke songs..

CJ the crooner songbird & KH all the dance swiging actions

tapao dishes

tapao dishes

there were like 9 dishes + plain rice for the fish head.

just S4188 for 14pax.

14bros birthday dinner

quite enough for me though some maybe could do with more food.

curry fish head

curry fish head was good. lemak, sweet, tasty. fish head was fresh.

BT cleaning up fish head curry

one who could certainly do with more food. lol!

deepfried small squid

deepfried small squid

the deepfried squid not crispy so wilted & tough from the covered carrier even with a cut corner to air.

black pepper venison

i never like zichar beef or venison, generally tenderised and aritificial.

minced pork tofu

prawn paste chicken

prawn paste chicken was ok though not as good as the one at hk street old chun kee.

salted egg pork chop

salted eggs pork chop pretty ok. basically a 排骨王with salted egg sauce.

yam pot

yam pot competent the usual.

kang kong

sambal kang kong pedestrian…

fried rice

fried rice quite ok.

it was a good dinner. buying in with disposals quite convenient and residence is quite convenient for get togethers, and food was pretty ok and inexpensive.

we think the tapao food from my seafood house 珍阁 at blk 130 next to JCube for WL condo roof garden birthday bash on 11.7.2017 was better though.

birthday cake

birthday cake

we had the birthday cakes for the nov & dec birthday boys.

14bros birthday dinner

and lots of fun karaoke, CJ belting out chinese and cantonese songs and KH swinging to every beat. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant

8VMM+2X Singapore


Opening Hours:

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