Always Shiok! Frog Porridge @ G7 Sinma on 25Dec2018

frog porridge 

after the nice 1.5hrs walk at BTNR and hindhede nature park, wife wanted to have frog porridge at G7 sinma across the road at cheong chin nam road. ^^

son came to join us..

frog porridge 

we ordered the S$22 3+2 frogs with free porridge.

it was a good deal, 5 frogs for just S$22.more importantly it was very tasty. i must try making this, not the frog but the gongbao sauce, can do with chicken equally well, or with toman, batang or other fish.


and a pot of free porridge, more than enough for 3 of us.

gongbao catfish 

we added 500g gongbao catfish. first time trying this. 鲇鱼catfish may not be the best fish, but i like it…will try out myself if i make this sauce, with other fish.

price is S$4/100g and minimum 400g so S$16 minimum order. i ordered 500g. 🙂

both frog & catfish very good!

gongbao catfish

gongbao catfish & frog

we all enjoyed this gongbao forgleg and catfish very much. 🙂

string beans 

ordered some string beans. quite ok for S$7, may not be my most preferred vege, but pretty nice.

ice jelly

S$3.50 ice jelly is refreshing ok…

bill $53 for 3pax

frog porridge

bill was S$53.40 for 3pax. less the fish it woud be like S$34. anyway we enjoyed the fish and all.

great dinner!

c.h.e.f andy



G7 Sinma Live Bull Frog Claypot Porridge (Cheong Chin Nam Rd)


AT , 599730


+65 64677317
12PM – 2.30AM

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