Good Congee @ Empress Porridge on 26Dec2018

porridge steamboat

our RI bro CL bought 13pax congee buffet lunch @ empress porridge, leng khiang’s galaxis restaurant at fusionopolis..on 26.12.2018.^^

to celebrate his recent summitting kilimanjaro, 5895m. that was without doubt a special & crowning achievement at our age…although our friend never have enough so he is thinking of going even higher…

as before i will actively discourage him, and if he nevertheless decided, then actively support him. lol!

empress porridge

empress porridge

empress porridge is the creation and devotion of our RI friend leng khiang and his wife swee hong. 🙂

this is his second outlet..the first is in NUH…this is my first time to his porridge place.

the location itself does not appear to be a high traffic location…we were early at 11am…during lunch time there were quite a good flow of people, so the restaurant has quite a good following…

white carrot cake with sambal chilli

glutinous rice

harjeongai prawn paste chicken

leng khiang served up several complimentary dishes.

the white carrot cake was pretty good, and with tasty nasi lemak sambal chilli.

the glutinous rice was very good, very “pang” fragrant.

the harjeongai prawn paste chicken was good standard also.

porridge steamboat

porridge steamboat

CL arranged a porridge steamboat. i think it was S$15pax…

congee was delicious, very tasty…buffet included free glow of congee and set of meat and seafood.

the set was quite limited, like 1 prawn per pax, some fish, chicken and beef, and vege. it was good for many of us, since we didn’t need a heavy lunch.

and because leng khiang plied us with a lot of of other complimentary dishes, so it ended up a very filling lunch overall. 🙂

empress porridge set

the congee was excellent, and we all took more than our fair share. i think about 3 refills of congee. steamboat may seem ordinary, just adding meat to the congee, the overall combination though was most satisfying…

i would come and try separately the porridge set here sometimes.

chicken dish of the day

leng khiang also served us a complimentary dish of the day. ..the wed special ginger chicken rice  was pretty ok too.

porridge steamboat

& we ended with a christmas log cake courtesy of swee hong, who dropped by later & took a group photo with us…

afterwards we had $1.20 kopi at attap cafe around the corner. Jeff bought coffee.

c.h.e.f andy


Empress Porridge

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