Mama Mia & DB Bistro pre-Theatre 2-course Dinner on 3Nov2018

db bistro @ MBS

wife had 2 tickets to watch mana mia at MBS inclusive of pre theatre dinner package @ db bistro on 3.11.2018. ^^

i had lunch before at db but it must be like 4-5yrs back. i think experience then was good.

today though, food so so at this 2-star michelin chef (daniel boulud) restaurant. db bistro though is just michelin plate, not star or gourmand..

db bistro @ MBS 

ambience is nice, and the eatery had the look of class.

it is also an oyster bar and there were fresh seafood laid out in counter display at the entrance.

bread basket 

the bread basket and butter were good. just could not eat too much. haha! 🙂

pumpkin soup with duck confit

i checked online menu S$52 for 2-course pre-theatre, but didn’t see anything similar to the 2-course menu we were shown.

the pumpkin soup with duck confit was a single item, no alternative choice.

soup was good, not special. it had a special scent, almost pungent, not sure what.

didn’t understand the duck confit topping? the main had only 2 choices – duck confit & panfried salmon trout, so why duck confit with soup, after thought not good menu planning?

of course, it was convenient to add a slice of duck confit in the soup since they were serving duck confit as mains. that could be a reason meh?

some onion bread to go with soup

not sure what bread was paired with the soup – onion bread, foccacia?

quite ok i finished it.

duck confit below par

duck confit below par 

the duck confit to me was well below par, flavourful but dry & sinewy..

of course cooked long time in duck fat for the flavour but if it was done well it should not be dry at all…

panfried salmon trout fillet 

the panfried salmon trout was very well done though, good standard.

a crispy skin salmon fillet not difficult to cook.

the side was important..the kale and lentils were surprise, quite good. not the best sides maybe but they were good.

overall an ok 2-course dinner primarily because it was free. for S$52 2-course dinner, i wouldn’t try…

say take the 3-course S$38 set lunch at la taperia anytime la…singapore so much good food everywhere!



we were early so walked around just a little bit, then shared a local kopi at the food court before sitting at the theatre.


abba songs & mama mia always fun & joyful to hear & watch. had a fun evening out with wife.

c.h.e.f andy


DB Bistro & Oyster Bar



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