RI 9pax Lunch with David @ HK Street Old Chun Kee on 4Nov2018

RI friends lunch for David

our RI buddy David visiting singapore from cupertino where his family is resident to visit his parents and attend to some mission community work.

HCK organised a 12pax special chinese tea appreciation afternoon at his house for David. that was really good.

we had 龙井,大红袍,单丛,兰贵人, a flavoured 花茶??👍👍👍 i can have this again!

RI friends lunch for David

before that we had 9pax lunch @ hk street old chun kee at Commonwealth crescent ..LCH, TKF & CTS joined us after lunch at chye kiang’s place

i ordered 7 dishes  for 9pax lunch $116.

S$16 song fish head 松鱼头always good👍👍

song fish head 松鱼头is their signature dish here and always good👍👍

S$25 fish maw soup

first time i ordered the fish maw soup…a large serving, many had second serving, including me..hehe! ^^

though ingredeints were limited, the stock was sweet & tasty. actually better than many starchy gluey “sharksfin” soup…quite ok dish considering..

S$16 butter squid

i tried butter squid this time, usually order sambal squid. forgot that some friends FCH and EPL don’t take squid (or take less).

this like chinese calamari, not done so well, squid was slightly overdone so slightly tough. ok dish just that the sambal sotong i had previously was done much better.

S$13 排骨王

排骨王was good as  排骨王 goes. last time i tried the salted egg version (i think cost S$3 more) but well worth it ‘cos that tasted much better. 🙂

S$20 hotplate beef

hotplate beef was a failure to me…

quite edible of course and good enough, we finished everything…chinese style preparation usually tenderised the meat & tasted artificial and i guess nothing wrong with the preparation here…just not my kind of dish.

S$12 minced pork eggplant 鱼香茄子good👍

the minced pork eggplant 鱼香茄子 was simple and good👍

tasty! i replicate this dish for teban gardens 140pax community breakfast later, and it was very good. very flavourful & perfect texture. ^^

S$116 for 9pax

S$12 har jiong gae 虾酱鸡 best 👍

an excellent dish here is har jiong gae 虾酱鸡, best la here!👍

flavourful, great batter  and done just right. FCH was talking about sin hoi san near his place where all the HK stars and channel U stars frequent, but of course it would cost 25% to 50% more at sin hoi san. 🙂


after lunch we walked up to level 2 of commonwealth crescent food centre for tong shui…EPL had to leave earlier so didn’t join the tong shui..

the black face lady dished out 5 bowls of Bubur Terigu (大麦粥)and 3 bowls of cheng tng, or maybe the other way? haha!

it was good and ot was S$1 a bowl so i was happy whatever face she had la! ^^


afterwards we adjourned to HCK house to enjoy 功夫茶& immerse in chinese culture? CTS came afterwards & showed us the 24-moves taijiquan…👍👍

HCK actually packed a small tin of the special flower tea for me but i forgot to bring back…anyway it would be wasted on me if i made myself so better just invite myslef over to his place & let him do his art.

c.h.e.f andy

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