Son Bought Birthday Dinner @ Akira Back JW Marriott South Beach on 4Nov2018

son bought birthday dinner at akira back

son & PT brought us out for our birthday dinners @ akira back on 4.11.2018.

it was an excellent dinner, new place, new food, a bit of japanese fusion nicely done, well presented and most important of all, nice to eat! ^^

son bought birthday dinner at akira back

akira back

S$25 truffle salmon pizza was good

the truffle salmon thin pizza was an excellent jap fusion dish.

very flavourful with the truffle, wonderful combination of texture of salmon sashimi or ceviche on thin crust pizza. the flavour reminded me of our favourite truffle kampachi at mikuni. must go try mikuni again after a long lapse.

S$45 wagyu tartar was very good

the wagyu tartar was excellent too!and the presentation was nice & unique, wrapped with slightly pickled daikon topped with a bit of caviar, like a nori wrapped sushi, so we were confused if it were to be eaten whole like a sushi.

S$45 wagyu tartar was very good

server said chef said to mix everything, like so (above photo).

the wagyu was marbled with natural sweetness. the caviar added some salty sea flavour and daikon added a complementary texture.

S$25 wagyu tacos ok

we had wagyu tacos. it was ok, a bit non descript. the tacos crackers was nice to munch i guess.

S$25 unagi & anago maki was ok

the unagi & anago maki sushi roll came below expectation.

i guess it was a good maki, but it failed to deliver like an anago sushi would, or like a spider maki would.

$72 F1 wagyu ribeye was good

$72 F1 wagyu ribeye was good

son thought that we did not have enough food orders so he added the F1 wagyu ribeye.

F1 is just a wagyu angus 1st generation crossbred, not as good as pure wagyu but still great.

& the F1 ribeye was pretty good if steep in price, just that it was completely outshined by the braised wagyu rib which was cheaper and not even a steak! 🙂

S$17 wagyu frued rice was good flavourful 

the wagyu fried rice maybe a filler but it was really very well done, flavourfula nd good wokhae. we enjoyed the this carb ok. lol!

special lemon dessert

there was some dessert special of the day.

did not hear fully the description. but it was some lemon tart or dessert. it was pretty good.

S$48 braised wagyu rib especially good

the braised wagyu rib especially good. it was the best dish for the evening, and among the many good dishes.

akira back was of course quite expensive and the 4pax dinner came to about S$400 nett. there was 15% discounts by UOB cards, so son and PT paid S$340nett for the dinner.

it was a very nice evening out. these days eldest daughter always suggest eating places and organise family eats most weeks, and it’s good that son is doing that as well.

c.h.e.f andy


Akira Back (located in JW Marriott Hotel in South Beach

Opening Hours:


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