Best 8-course Degustation @ The Three Chimneys on 12Jun2017(Day 4 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

#1 wild rabbit, raw & cooked langoustine

had the best degustation dinner for a while at three chimneys.

this my 31st anniversary celebration with wife on 12.6.2017. ^^

skye land & sea 8-course degustation menu

well, the skye land & sea menu looked amazing (& such an imaginative name!). lol!^^

three chimneys was one of only 2 one michelin star restaurants in isle of skye in 2014.

however, they lost the star in 2017 when chef director michael smith left followed by an exodus of staff.

now helmed by 31-yr young new chef scott davis & his new team, they are trying hard to win back the michelin star. 

i think they got a “michelin plate” in 2017. this a new category introduced in 2016. not yet a michelin star.

#1 wild rabbit, raw & cooked langoustine

the raw langoustine was delightful, very sweet.

the rabbit was flavourful. the cooked langoustine too.

#2 dunvegan crab

the dunvegan crab was very sweet. lovely! great stuff…

#2 dunvegan crab

but i must say our impression was that the “tian of crab” dish at lime tree fort williams was even more tasty.

#3 roasted sconser scallops

the roasted scallop was very good.

#3 roasted sconser scallops

though we had many great scallop preparations in many restaurants, most recently at the restaurant at duisdale. couldn’t really say this was better…

#4 seaweed & miso cured halibut, crispy loch harport oyster

wow…this dish beautifully crafted & plated!

#4 seaweed & miso cured halibut, crispy loch harport oyster

nice oyster fritter…sweet fish, curing was light…not sure about the miso flavours, a bit on salty side..

#4 seaweed & miso cured halibut

nice sides of peas, seaweed.

#5 braised soy lamb ravioli

the  braised soy lamb ravioli, with the condiments & sides, very good too..

#5 braised soy lamb ravioli

a great pasta dish, before the meats.

#5 pigeon (replaced lamb ravioli for wife)

wife doesn’t take lamb, so restaurant replaced by pigeon, one of their menu dishes.

#5 pigeon (replaced lamb ravioli for wife)

an excellent preparation, texture, taste, plating, quite perfect.

#6 orbost farm rose beef

the second main was a beef.

#6 orbost farm rose beef

very good though, with the sides of good onion ring and pressed potatoes.

#7 pressed apple

#7 pressed apple

wife & i not very dessert people.

the pressed apple was really quite good, the the different textures…

#8 rhubarb & hibiscus

#8 rhubarb & hibiscus

the rhubarb was less exciting for us…

the dinner degustation was £90. every dish was excellent, we enjoyed every bit of the dinner.

they have not yet regained their one michelin star. by definition, it is “worth a stop” for one start & “worth a detour” for 2 stars.

50mins from UIG Lodge to Three Chomneys for 2pax dinner

so going by michelin’s definition, this dinner was 2 michelin star for me la…we drove like 50mins just for this dinner! that’s quite a “detour” right?

c.h.e.f andy



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