Delicious Homecooked Pasta & Vongole Pot on 12Feb2017

made 2 delicious pasta for 4pax family dinner this evening on 12.2.2017. ^^

this the first time i am making a duck leg ragout pasta.

this was inspired by the superb top class duck leg ragout pappardelle at labrezza recently on 7.2.2017.

i got everything right, made a wonderful ragout sauce. first time lucky… 🙂

i tried the the sauce, taste was really great, savoury, perfect texture & flavour for the duck, & great taste of tomatoes.

a really, really good duck leg ragout pasta. the best la!

prawn in white wine sauce

prawn in white wine sauce

the prawn pasta in creamy white wine sauce was also a new dish which i did couple times recently & served to my friends-

  1. everyone’s birthday 9pax dinner on 28.12.2016.
  2. 8pax dinner for wife’s close friends on 14.1.2017 (did not blog/take photos)
prawn in white wine sauce

prawn in white wine sauce

this time i did not have/prepare chicken stock so i used prawns stock from the prawn heads/shells.

then added white wine, reduced.

when serving, i added 4tbsp heavy cream & prawns (seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper). then toss the pasta.

a very tasty pasta. prawns were plump & sweet.

this an excellent pasta in it’s own right.

the duck ragout though was everyone’s favourite, over this.

also the last time i used chicken stock & while the taste was thicker & more intense this time, we all prefer chicken stock to prawn stock.

vongole pot

vongole pot

& i bought some littleneck clams at sheng shiong this morning when getting the fresh duck leg, about 540g.

vongole pot

vongole pot

no mussels (don’t see much fresh mussels in te supermarkets & chinatown these days).

so i do a vongole pot.

just brown garlic in olive oil. add butter, chopped onions, shallots, sliced ginger, cut chilli padi. then add stock, and heavy cream, salt to taste. lastly add the clams, cover, & clams ready when they opens up, just few minutes.

vongole pot

vongole pot

clams & soup were very tasty.

daughter said last time i did (maybe 2 years back), i had orange peel & that taste combination was even better.

a quite simple & most satisfying sunday home dinner for all. very shiok!

c.h.e.f andy

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