Modern European Homegourmet 8pax Dinner on 1Feb2021

had lovely 8pax homegourmet dinner – with WM Jessie K and MY.. & SL..Wen joined later…


  1. wife’s amazing salad
  2. tortilla aka spanish omelette
  3. sautéed shimeji & king oyster mushrooms
  4. grilled peppers and cauliflower
  5. ika sugatayaki (grilled whole squid)
  6. pangrilled halibut beurre blanc sauce
  7. slow roast Australian prime ribs
  8. peanut herb crusted rack of lamb
  9. chorizo prawns tagliatelle

wife’s salad was amazing – with pumpkin, arugula, pine nuts toasted almond flakes, red onions, shaved parmesan cheese and what else…it’s becoming the best salad i had, better more luxurious than any in the restaurants..

sautéed mushrooms and grilled vegetables were good.

ika sugatayaki was perfect this evening, just the right texture, great taste and nice bbq flavours from flaming.

halibut was good, charred and tender inside. beurre blanc sauce was good.

chorizo prawns tagliatelle was nicely al dente and very tasty.

slow oven roast Australian prime ribs very tender (6hrs at 90degC and 10mins at 250degC) to perfection, nicely browned and marinade very tasty.

& lamb (18mins in 210degC oven) had little gamey taste, moist and tender, nicely medium rare…K & MY really enjoyed the dinner.

& jessie’s dessert was really refreshing..I had 2 bowls. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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