OPS Bro WT Bought 8pax Dinner @ Jing Long Zichar Keong Saik Street on 30Dec2020

OPS bro WT bought 8pax dinner this evening @ jing long zichar keong saik street on 30.12.2020.^^

WT a good friend of chef yao, who gave us loads of haebeehiam xo chilli

the appetizer platter good standard, delicious!

cockles and fish head were excellent..fish head in particular very fresh and excellent hk steam 港蒸. I will try making this myself.

crayfish was very good..though wife doesn’t prefer the heavy sambal sauce…

white beehoon so so, actually quite below par..WT & I can do better than this…

duck was tender.. gravy & taste on the heavy side ..not my preference..

claypot liver was ok…

but I think my own claypot liver better lol!

c.h.e.f andy


Jing Long zi char


122 Neil Rd, Singapore 088856

Opening Hours-


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