Great Evening, Fellowship and Dishes 6pax Homecooked Dinner on 25Jun2020

7 dishes

6pax OPS + RI bros homecooked dinner


sausage claypot rice

sausage claypot rice


tanhoon prawns

tanhoon prawns



steamed red garoupa ah yat style 蒜蓉蒸3

steamed red garoupa ah yat style 蒜蓉蒸

meen si (lime taujeon) steamed song fish head2

meen si (lime taujeon) steamed song fish head

garlic chilli ladyfingers

garlic chilli ladyfingers



made 6pax OPS + RI bros dinner on 19.6.2020.^^

  1. plain claypot rice(sausage serve separately)
  2. 白斩鸡 1/2 chicken with chilli
  3. meen si (taujeon lime) steamed song fish head 松鱼头
  4. minced garlic steamed red garoupa ah yat style蒜蓉蒸红斑
  5. tanhoon prawns
  6. japanese chashu
  7. garlic chilli ladyfingers

CCG brought begawan solo nonya kuehs.WM brought taiwanese coral jelly made by jessie and also png kueh and soon kuehs.

my chicken rice chicken 白斩鸡 is always good, very smooth, moist and tasty, and chilli is great!

claypot rice using chicken stock and salted fish was very tasty, flavourful. did not garnish as HC doesn’t take spring onions etc, and served the sausage separately.

CCG loved the japanese chashu very tasty.

the 2 fish were very good! friends liked both. red garoupa 蒜蓉蒸 recreated ah yat excellent garlic soy sauce flavours, and the meen si song fish head don’t know if it recreates the flavours of good zi char stalls but it was very good.

& everyone loved the tanhoon prawns very good tasty dish! quite excellent!


this the first friend get together homecooked meal since the covid circuit breaker now that 5 visitors is permitted.

the bros had a great evening together.

c.h.e.f andy



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