Nice 4pax Family Dinner on 17Jun2020

today made my regular midweek 4pax family dinner on 17.6.2020.^^

tomorrow i am cooking a complete western meal for my brother 6pax family dinner so this is also a dry run for some of the dishes. :-).

this evening i made-

  1. pangrilled black angus 100day grain fed ribeye
  2. iberico pork collar steak
  3. oven grilled fish (baby threadfin)
  4. vongole linguin
  5. pangrilled red & yellow peppers
  6. brussels sprouts

this an excellent dinner 👍

the oven grilled baby threadfin was excellent. this using a fish teochews usually served as chilled steamed fish eaten with taujeon.

but i was trying to recreate the croatian grilled fish we had, and this was pretty good..different fish maybe i will try out golden snapper and seabass.

will do up a recipe later. 🙂

c,h,e.f andy


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