Brother Cook fresh Seafood Dinner for us on 12Jun2020

steamed fresh seafood

brother made steamed fresh seafood

steamed fresh flower crabs

steamed fresh flower crabs

steamed fresh prawns

steamed fresh prawns

my bro went jurong west market to buy fresh seafood & made dinner for us on 12.6.2020.^^

  1. steamed flower crabs
  2. steamed prawns
  3. steamed cuttlefish
  4. sambal egg by yuli
  5. eggplants

excellent dishes! 🙂

this covid circuit breaker and now phase one period, we cannot meet and eat outside…so i cooked dishes on thurs for my brother’s family..& my brother does so on saturday for us..& my brother cooks very well….

brother has been cooking for us 4 times, and every time the dishes were very good. it showed the love & care that went into the preparation…that is the essence of cooking..loving the dishes you produce..naturally they will turn out delicious dishes…

wife & children usually don’t take this teochew style steamed they love the crab & prawns super fresh and sweet..

cuttlefish that’s for real teochews like me…cuttlefish is tougher than squid and the teochew steamed way is perfect for dipping with kek you 吉油 or minced garlic chilli vinegar 蒜泥醋.

yuli’s sambal egg very flavourful

& my brother’s lady fingers excellent..children all loved it…

the sauce seems to have taujeon with lots of chopped garlic and chilli and some oyster sauce…i think poached lady fingers then lightly fry the chopped garlic chilli oil maybe thickened with cornstarch & pour over the lady fingers…. anyway very nicely done 👍

this dish i will be making myself…

c.h.e.f andy


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