Recipe = Good Flamed Sous Vide Reverse Sear Rump Steak on 17Mar2020


sous vide beef rump 57degC 24hrs2

sous vide beef rump 57degC 24hrs

home dinner2

sous vide beef rump – circuit breaker home dinner

made sous vide rump roast (57degC 24hrs) for dinner this evening on 17.3.2020. ^^

turned out to be quite good. children liked the sous vide rump roast..texture great, taste good enough overall  comparable to a good roast beef… not quite my preferred cut of steak but still managed a good tasting one both in taste and in texture. 🙂

not sure i want to go out of the way to do this, but if i happen to buy a rump or a chuck or a flank steak, i may just try this again.

c.h.e.f andy


  • 1kg beef rump steak
  • smoky braai rub
  • sea salt, pepper, herbs (i used dry parsley), chopped garlic, shallots


  1. clean steak with salt, wash and drain, dry with kitchen towel
  2. rub with braai, sea slat, pepper and sprinkle with dry parsley, chopped garlic, shallots..
  3. place in double ziploc bag. set sous vide machine to 57degC and sous vide for 24hrs.
  4. dry steak with kitchen towels. flame steak over stainless steel pan to give colour and flavours. fry red onions and use the liquid from sous vide bag to make a delicious beef sauce.

Below Expectations – Circuit Breaker Uya Unaju Takeout on 19May2020


unaju takeout form uya


unaju takeout form uya

wife ordered unaju from uya 25% off on 19.5.2020. ^^

still good tasty but somehow didn’t taste like the excellent live unagi kebayaki…kind of let down..

doesn’t taste as fresh, crisp outside and tender, moist inside, kind of dry in comparison?not sure during circuit breaker whether still live eel?

the set came with usual clear soup and dashi, so one can take the rice with dashi like a porridge…dashi was very tasty, as usual for this dish…

c.h.e.f andy


Uya 四代目菊川 Japanese Unagi Restaurant