Yummy Crabmeat Pasta Home Dinner on 29Apr2020

crabmeat pasta3

crabmeat pasta

this evening i assigned food taster, so just wait and eat do nothing lol! ^^

our helper aunty bes, made 4 dishes-

  1. crabmeat pasta
  2. chicken wings
  3. calamari
  4. broccoli

chicken wings, my wife bought the mid-wings and calamari were all excellent.

crabmeat pasta deserves special mention.

this a dish “created” by my son, and perfected by all = son, wife and aunty bes. so there is no need for me to learn how to make this. lol! 🙂

& this evening’s crabmeat pasta was excellent too, as always, everytime i tried.

she used good quality canned crabmeat, fresh tomatoes and good tomato paste, and cream…and pasta was al dente..i think all of us made very good al dente pasta..

excellent home dinner during CCB = covid circuit breaker…

c.h.e.f andy