Covid Circuit Breaker Home Dinner on 13May2020

chinese herbal mutton ribs soup7

chinese herbal mutton ribs soup

chinese herbal mutton ribs soup

chinese herbal mutton ribs soup

nonya fish curry

nonya fish curry

made mutton ribs soup & nonya fish curry this evening on 13.5.2020. ^^

the mutton ribs soup was excellent..daughter loved it had a second bowl & several ribs and meats..

mutton was very tender & soup super flavourful and smooth ..i think better than most chinese herbal mutton soup outside even chai chuan tou..

fish curry the usual nice dish. nice lema curry with lots of vegetables and fresh and tasty fish.

i had one 500-600g red snappy (ang kuay) and 2 red snapper heads.

c.h.e.f andy

Great Covid Circuit Breaker Takeouts from Don Signature Crab on 12May2020

S$20 prawn lala beehoon

S$20 prawn lala beehoon

wife ordered 2xS$20 prawn lala beehoon from don signature crab on 12.5.2020.^^

super nice soup, very fresh sweet prawns & large plump lala..really good!

we went to pick up & bought 4 chicken pies for jessie-don started off their business long time ago by selling chicken pie..

had some leftover emperor snapper ang sai fillet & very fish stock so made poached fish soup, very nice too!

c.h.e.f andy

3 Homecooked Dishes for the Office on 11May2020

homecooked 5pax lunch dishes

homecooked 5pax lunch dishes

made 3 dishes for 5pax office lunch for wife’s office on 11.5.2020. ^^

  1. spicy bean paste pork softbones
  2. tofu prawns
  3. stirfried romaine lettuce

this the 3rd time i cooked for the office lunch during this covid circuit breaker period..the first was claypot chicken rice. the second was assam pork ribs. next week i am cooking wine chicken with cloud fungus and shitake. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Good Covid Circuit Breaker Takeout Dishes from Tess Bar on 11May2020

children sl and wy bought tessbar delivery for second mother’s day dinner on 11.5.2020.^^

SM & JH joined via zoom 😀 covid circuit breaker zoom dinner! lol!

food was good for takeout..& inexpensive = S$134 for 9+1 dishes

like S$18 for 250g ribeye steak and 4-rack lamb👍

c.h.e.f andy


Tess Bar & Kitchen

  • 11am–10:30pm

Superb Sumptuous Mother’s Day 5-course Gourmet Home Dinner on 10May2020

flamed squid on cauliflower puree

#1 flamed squid on cauliflower puree

pan seared scallop on pumpkin puree

#2 pan seared scallop on pumpkin puree

bouillabaise - seafood stew

#3 bouillabaise – seafood stew

prawn spaghetti in prawn bisque sauce

#4 prawn spaghetti in prawn bisque sauce

squidink linguine with squid

#5 squidink linguine with squid

today mother’s day, 10.5.2020. 🙂

I made 5-course home dinner for 5pax=wife, me, daughter, aunty bes & son working back 8.30pm so i get food ready when he back..

missing eldest daughter SM & JH they couldn’t join us during covid.

  1. flamed squid on cauliflower puree
  2. pan seared scallop on pumpkin puree
  3. bouillabaisse- seafood stew with fish, prawns, squid
  4. prawn spaghetti in prawn bisque sauce
  5. squidink linguine with squid

every dish was excellent..wife & children loved every dish…

bouillabaisse & squidink were the best dishes this evening, especially delicious…

bouillabaisse soup was very tasty & smooth…definitely better than burlamacco & most seafood or fish stew we had taken, prawn, squid were just the right texture, fresh sweet & tasty..

squidink was the best i made..the very flavourful chalky powdery texture & al dente pasta..simply excellent! this though many good restaurants can do the same even best still cannot say better than outside..

prawn pasta was excellent too but squidink was better..

the cauliflower puree and pumpkin puree were good today better than my first try on valentines day…very good standard now…

will post the recipes later.

c.h.e.f andy