Soy Sauce Chicken, Braise Egg, Taupok, Taukua Family Dinner on 26Apr2020

soy sauce chicken2

soy sauce chicken

soy sauce chicken3

soy sauce chicken

braised egg, taupok, tau kua

braised egg, taupok, tau kua

made home cooked dinner this evening on 26.4.2020.^^

  1. soy sauce chicken
  2. braised egg, taukua, taupok
  3. dry chilli bean noodles 豆签

soy sauce chicken was delicious, very moist, tender and flavourful.

and of course i use the braise to braise egg, taupok and taukua.

soya sauce chicken dry bean noodles

soy sauce chicken dry bean noodles豆签

i also took out 2 portions and brought 2 packet lunch for a friend and her helper = a rice dish and a dry bean noodles 豆签 dish. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy



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