Great Crab Dinner @ Dancing Crab on 14Dec2018

2x700g pepper crabs = S$98

my RI bro CL arranged 5pax dinner at dancing crab @ orchard central on 14.12.2018. ^^

he bought the 5.30pm offpeak chope vouchers 3x$100 at 50% discounts…additionally there was a $6 dbs/posb discount for each $100 voucher so 3x$100 vouchers cost $132.

Our dinner including 2x700g pepper crabs for $98 was = $299 so we used $300 chope vouchers costing $132 for 5pax = $26pax 👍👍👍

dancing crab @ orchard central

dancing crab @ orchard central

never been to dancing crab any outlet so first time for me.

nice enough place for me and the crab should be good. 🙂

2x700g pepper crabs = S$98

2x700g pepper crabs = S$98

we ordered 2pepper crabs (menu said 700hg& it was indeed sizable) at S$98. 🙂

we crabs were very good, meaty, and the black pepper sauce great too, tasty!

usually at dancing crab, you lay out the crabs on the table and ate with hands. we had several other dishes on the table so just ate from the parchment paper like usual dishes.

S$12 crabmeat salad

crabby garden salad was good. refreshing & swet with crab meat.

S$29.90 lobster roll

we tried the lobster roll, reminiscent of london’s burger & burger..not quite there though. brioche no comparison. lobster meat ok but not that much serving, we chose sweet potato fries, quite good.

good to try one time. i won’t order this if i come again.

S$9  truffle fries

truffles fries good enough, we didn’t really need it as we had too much fries.

beer battered mushrooms

beer battered mushrooms was good.

this maybe i can do myself though i am not really hot on cooking deepfried stuff.

S$9 chicken wings

garlic bay sauce chicken wings were ok, the usual, still a good wing.

S$18 exploding crab meat fried rice

exploding crab fried rice very good, good wok hae.

crab meat fried rice

great accompaniment even if just eat little carbs. 🙂

we wanted to try the crab nachos but they didn’t have. basically try all the crab dishes since we at dancing crab.


we using chope S$300 vouchers and there was money to spare.

so we ordered waffles ice cream and drinks to add up to S$299.

2 pepper crabs

with chope 50% vouchers and also DBS discounts, we paid S$132 for 5pax, a really good deal.

will come back again if there is still discounts.

c.h.e.f andy




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