RI Bro QTC Bought Nice Dinner @ Tunglok Signatures at Central Mall on 30N0v2018

TC and me

my ri bro (he was also like a mentor to my youngest daughter) was away in israel with his son,

when wife organised a dinner for me recently at alba attended by a few of my ri bros and ops bros on 25.10.2018.

so today he arranged a 2pax belated birthday dinner for me at tunglok signature.

i told him tunglok no more lovedining discounts lol! anyway we went ahead. it is near his office very convenient and food here quite good whether at a good deal price or normal price. 🙂

S$78 set menu

it’s like a thai flavours seafood and sharksfin set.

thai conpoy cake with tomtoes

so the appetizer like a thai fish cake deep fried, menu sid conpoy. it was good, tasty…the tomato with a bit of pomelo on top was sweet & refreshing.

tc & me

really thankful to have such a wonderful friend and bro. 🙂

Double-boiled Shark_s Fin with Sakura Chicken

next was a sharksfin dish. the soup was outstanding! tunglok and lei garden, imperial treasure etc lie tong soup always very good.

this was a sharksfin thick soup, very intense tasty superior stock 上汤 so smooth and so very tasty. 🙂

Pan-fried Tiger King Prawn with Supreme Soya Sauce

Pan-fried Tiger King Prawn with Supreme Soya Sauce

the pan-fried tiger king prawn was good. done well.

i guess it was like any other large prawn…

Traditional-style Steamed Sliced ‘Soon Hock_

the steamed soon hock always good at tunglok. and they do other fish fillet dishes very well too.

Traditional-style Steamed Sliced ‘Soon Hock_

this was like the chinese fine dining answer to western cuisine – individual serving plated very well with great sauce and garnishes, vs the traditional whole soon hock fish presentation. lol!

Braised Belly Pork, Onsen Egg and Broccoli on steamed rice

the braised pork was nice, great texture, a bit of vinegared sweet taste 糖醋 served with brocoli, sweetened salted veg and 1/2 hardboiled egg.

as a dish on a whole though, not very good standard w/o good sauce and basically a lot of plain tasting carbs. of course i didn’t take much rice. lol!

Chilled Aloe Vera Lemon Jelly 椰皇青柠雪葩芦荟冻

the chilled aloe vera lemon jelly was good dessert.

complimentary drink

we were served a complimentary drink at the end when serving dessert. a plate cleanser for dessert? anyway nice drink no need to know what it’s for….

birthday verse caligraphy

birthday verse caligraphy

tunglok provided 2 longevity buns 寿桃

and the usual birthday celebratory caligraphy by the restaurant manager. something i recorded previously on 27.5.2015 ^^











we dispensed with the recital this time. 🙂

i had a really good time. we shared about our family, some recent news about a close friend and bro, and i talked a bit about my relatives in china…

so grateful to have a few good close friends.

c.h.e.f andy


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