Great Seafood Miso Nabe 4pax with OPS Bro WM & J on 2Dec2018

4pax seafood miso nabe dinner

made seafood miso nabe for WM & J 4pax dinner this evening on 3.12.2018. ^^

丹港水产shinjuku seafood miso nabe

we had seafood miso nabe @ 丹港水产shinjuku on 14.11.2018 during our recent tokyo koyo 红叶trip. see above photo.

over dinner at 丹港水产shinjuku  was overall below par, but the seafood miso nabe was very good!

chicken miso soup base

i had intense, tasty chicken stock in the fridge so i made chicken miso soup for the hotpot. ^^

seafood miso nabe

and assembled the ingredients like how they served the dish at 丹港水产shinjuku . 🙂

seafood miso nabe

seafood miso nabe

i had cabbage, brocoli, shitake and shimeji mushrooms in the fridge, good use of leftovers.



vegetables and tofu. 🙂

snapper fillet & toman fillet




i also had tofu, oysters, prawns, fish and whole sotong. 🙂


i also bought 500g lala from sheng shiong.

seafood miso nabe

seafood miso nabe

seafood miso nabe

seafood miso nabe

seafood miso nabe

my stock was very tasty. but after adding meat and vegetables to the steamboat, it was somewhat diluted and nit as tasty!

anyhow after we took the meat and vegetables and reduced the stock a bit, it again became very tasty.

msw durians S$19/kg

wm brought some msw durians.

not quite the best but still good.

seafood miso nabe

we had a great dinner and great sharing time this evening. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Very Good S$38pax Alacarte Buffet 5pax Family Lunch on 2Dec2018

prawn pomelo salad

sunday wife organised 5pax family dinner at patara, our favourite thai restaurant on 2.12.2018.^^

patara has a S$38pax ala carte buffet lunch daily. there is a permium buffet at S$48pax. we didn’t need that so we ordered the S$38pax buffet.

daughter ordered all the food. every dish was nice! we enjoyed the lunch thoroughly! 🙂

the prawn pomelo salad very good. wife commented pomelo very sweet, often we don’t get sweet pomelos when we buy ourselves.

thai fish cake

thai fish cake very tasty. good!

thai fish cake

among the best i had!

tomyam gung

tomyam gung and the clear seafood soup both good. i always like the traditional tomyam better than the clear one, but they are always good here at patara.

minced chicken crispy rice

minced chicken crispy rice not my favourite, but here it was also pretty good.

minced chicken crispy rice

didn’t mind it at all.

shredded duck spring rolls

the shredded duck item turned out to eb another spring roll? there was already spring roll in the menu…

it was good, but spring rolls are spring rolls, nothing much to say…


tofu was good. i liked it. this one tasted exactly like a north indian food – paneer, cottage cheese, texture wise.


scallops were large and plump and sweet. 🙂

crispy fish fillet

fish fillet was very crispy. son, wife all liked it.

salted egg sotong

daughter said salted egg sotong not too salty, and texture was perfect, not overcooked!

crabmeat fried rice

crab meat frie drice was very good!

half portion olive rice

half portion olive rice

but no enough for hungry folks!

son ordered half portion of olive fried rice. 🙂

chicken in red curry

the red curry was very good, and the chicken was tender and moist. this one i am impressed ‘cos many places overdo the chicken…

aussie sirloin panang curry

the austrlian sirloin with panang curry was fatastic! so we orered one more portion, no 1/2 portion for this one la!


thai bobo chacha

dessert came in a super tiny serving. we didn’t know and server who took order didn’t tell us, so we had couple more orders.

aussie sirloin panang curry

the beef and the panang curry was really good! real shiok!

c.h.e.f andy


Patara Fine Cuisine @ Tanglin Mall