Good Indian Dishes @ Shahi Maharani on 5Dec2018

tandoori chicken

CL as usual was the ringmaster to get everyone together.

this evening we met for 5pax dinner with CCG, SM. M, CL & me at shahi maharani level 3 raffles cityrecommended by SM on 5.12.2018. ^^

CL liked tandoori so we ordered tandoori chicken.

and it was good here. i generally do not like tandoori chicken as usually they were dry & overcooked. this one was favourful and moist. :-).

shahi maharani

place was 1/2 full. considered decent crowd i think.

fish curry

fish curry

we wanted a fish curry. not sure what sauce SM ordered but it was good, both the fish & the curry. i like the dish, though i am more familiar with say kerala fish curry or just masala.

panner masala

panner masala

SM is vegetaria so a paneer (cottage cheese) was a good choice. all could eat la. 🙂

i always like paneer. they were just like bean curd, a slightly firmer bite, and tasty as this one was. 🙂

vegetarian curry

vegetarian curry

we had a vegetarian curry, not sure what vegetables but it was tasty too.

and all these curries very good for garlic naan to mop up la. 🙂

mutton biryani

CL liked the mutto biryani..

when the dish was served, we realised we should have ordered vegetarian biryani so that SM could share too.

biryani was good. CL liked it. i thought it was good but ordinary and other places had much more flavourful biryani and tasty mutton eg chat masala.

lovely indian food

garlic naan

garlic naan here good too. tasty 7 the just texture. did not dry out like at chat masala.

mutton biryani

we had a really fun 5pax dinner, a great evening with RI bros, missing HT who had work engagements last minute.

afterwards we had coffee at starbucks

this a really quality time evening, CCG relishing the “new” experience-chill & relax with great buddies.

c.h.e.f andy


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