Daughter Bought Good Ramen @ le Shrimp Ramen Paragon on 13Dec2018

prawn dumplings ramen intense prawn stock

daughter bought ramen dinner le shrimps ramen on 13.12.2018. ^^

she cannot take tonkotsu broth so i surprised she suggested ramen. i realised this one serves prawn broth. 🙂

prawn dumplings ramen intense prawn stock

i must say the chicken broth was really good,like a very good haemee (prawn noodles) and as good as a good tonkotsu broth almost, very very tasty.

the processed dumplings though were so so la…i won;t take this…

torikatsu dry ramen

i took the torikatsu dry ramen.

torikatsu dry ramen

and the dry ramen was also very good. very tasty mix.

wife said it was like the chinese 葱油面. i gues it was a bit like. 🙂

braised soft bones

the braised soft bones were very good, excellent braise.

i can do this too, just not east to find the right soft bones at sheng shiong, need to go market & get.


torikatsu was ordinary, so the braised soft bones side was much better by comparison.

signature ramen

wife & JH took the signature ramen S$19.90.

the broth was wonderful like the processed dumpling ramen daughter took. there were couple prawns but really the ingredients were like nothing to me, basically it was the ramen and the broth, and maybe this was almost the standard of japanese ramen.

prawn twisters

the prawn twisters were really poor, crispy enough, oily, a bit old, not tasty.

le shrimp ramen at paragon

there was a queue when we came, maybe 10mins wait and continued to have a queue while we dining and left.

signature ramen

honestly i don’t even take ramen in sginapore. so very expensive and just taking carbs. and prawn ramen here maybe good standard, but the japanese tonkotsu ramen with chashu still better la.

c.h.e.f andy



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