Very Good 4-course Dinner @ Zafferano on 15Dec2018

wagyu carpaccio

wife’s good friends H & J bought dinner. their son M was available to join so we had 5pax dinner at zafferano on 15.12.2018. ^^

MBS from zafferano

MBS from zafferano

MBS from zafferano

we were there a bit earlier, so we walked around to have a view of MBS.

there was this controversy storm recently started by leslie tay about cakeage, so i took the opportunity to ask. server told us cakeage is S$8pax cap at S$50. my views on cakeage are different from leslie tay. i think it is ok for restaurants to charge cakeage like corkage but think a S$8pax cakeage is shouting a message in the customer’s face “don’t bring cakes here!”, not very wise in my view, just like leslie said “anti-celebration”, but it’s the restaurant’s prerogative. 🙂

while we were chatting the server told us today saturday no corkage. that was perfect! so we had the champagne we brought served.



we were served some crackers and bread, good bread, nothing special. 🙂

wagyu carpaccio

J decided to order the S$108 4-course “degustation” dinner.

so you could pick 1 antipasti, 1 primi, 1 secondi from the menu but limit to 3 different dishes in total, and 1 dolci, which you can pick any.

first time i heard this arrangement. i asked server the serving size she said 1/2 normal, so i am guessing they just want to cook a normal dish & 1/2 it instead of cooking many small 1/2 size dishes?

the wagyu carpaccio was good, very sweet & tasty.

red prawns ceviche

red prawns ceviche

i like the prawn ceviche, they called it a raw red prawn, so i am guessing similar to japanese akaebi.

very sweet and tasty. wife couldn’t take much of it so she took mostly the carpaccio.

i think H took the foie gras.

truffle pasta

J & M took the truffle pasta. i think it was good.

lobster pasta

wife, i and H took the lobster pasta. it was very good. excellent sauce, wonderful tomato flavours.

black cod

wife had the black cod.

it was good, but i think ordinary.

lamb loin

H,M and i had the lamb loin. it was very good, very tender and flavourful.

flamed lava cake

flamed lava cake

valrhona chocolate

for dessert we took the flamed lava cake & the chocolate strawberries. both were valrhona dark chocolate so excellent flavours.

lava cake was flamed at the table and had good lava but wife & i didn’t really like the liquor flavour…i think just an ordinary lava cake with ice cream would be fine.

the chocolate with strawberry cake was excellent!

petit four

petit fours

there were some petit fours.

i think we had some coffee too.

lobster pasta

J had 20% discount, so dinner was not cheap but not too exorbitant. 🙂

we had a wonderful evening, nice ambience, good food and company of great friends.

c.h.e.f andy


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