Recipe = Tagliatelle Fruiti Mare on 20Oct2018

tagliatelle fruiti mare on 26.10.2018

i have done seafood pasta in white wine sauce as early as 7.3.2013.

in the last year, i started using a good stock (chicken bones and carrots boiled over 4-5hrs and reduced to produce an intense chicken stock.

tagliatelle fruiti mare on 26.10.2018

after the recent amalfi trip, where we often had fruiti mare, i did this pasta several times for my family and friends.

among the best was one for 8pax family diner on 26.10.2018. 

my pastas that evening were all par excellence.

stock was very tasty, and pasta now always perfectly al dente.

#6 tagliatelle fruiti mare on 20.10.2018

for 8pax dinner with wife’s good friend J, H and their son M on 20.10.2018, i prepared 2 pastas and a risotto. they were quite superb because of the tasty intense chicken stock.and they were all al dente.

i made the pasta dishes more al dente after the recent amalfi coast trip. my children, whole family all liked it al dente.

a delicious, very good tagliatelle, with prawn & squid, and basil from my garden.

seafood tagliatelle on 14.5.2018

seafood tagliatelle on 14.5.2018

and after my croatia trip in apr2018, i made a 6pax croatian dinner for my RI buddies and spouses on 14.5.2018.

for the seafood tagliatelle, i browned garlic cloves in olive oil, added red & yellow pepper, then white wine & a tasty chicken stock, and reduced to a very tasty stock.

when serving i added the prawns & littleneck clams, then squid & covered, the added tagliatelle & tossed. the tagliatelle fruit mare was delicious and satisfying. after my recent family amalfi coast trip, i made the pasta even more al dente but otherwise the same preparation.

the recipe is below. and some tips!

the key tip regards the proportion of reduced stock to the amount of pasta. a stock can taste absolutely tasty and flavourful but taste can be diluted by the pasta so judging the amount of liquids vs amount of pasta is absolutely crucial. also you don’t want the pasta too wet with liquids and once you toss your pasta you cannot reduce the liquids w/o overcooking the pasta, hence everything is about judgment, and of course this comes by experience and agaklogy. lol! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


  • 300g tagliatelle
  • 1 bulb of whole garlic cloves
  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • 1/2 cup wine
  • 4 sweet basil leaves sliced
  • 1 cut chilli padi
  • 12 shelled deveined large prawns
  • 1 large squid in crossed cut pieces
  • 6 sweet basil leaves for garnishing
  • 15g butter


  1. brown 1 bulb of whole garlic cloves
  2. add sliced basil leaves and chilli padi and fry till nice aroma
  3. add 1 cup chicken stock and 1/2 cup wine and reduce liquids to 1/2
  4. cook tagliatelle to below al dente
  5. add the seasoned (with salt 7 white pepper) prawns & then squid to the boiling liquid till just cooked. off fire and add tagliatelle and toss, add salt to taste. add butter & mix thoroughly.
  6. garnish the pasta with the sweet basil and serve.


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