Wonderful Croatian Dinner for RI Buddies & Spouses (6pax) on 14May2018

croatian brodet – fish stew (like french bouillabaise)

Made a 6pax Croatian dinner for my RI friends & spouses this evening on 14.5.2018.^^

  1. croatian grilled fish (sailfish steak, treadfin tail, tiger garoupa)
  2. croatian brodet (Croatian style bouillabaisse) fish stew (treadfin head, whole seabream, prawns, littleneck clams aka la la)
  3. 16th century Dubrovnik honey orange capon (castrated rooster) – i used the sheng shiong variety😜
  4. grilled veg (red & yellow peppers, zucchini, pumpkin, jap sweet potatoes)
  5. seafood tagliatelle

KF & wife A are traveling to croatia in aug2018. CH & wife SW may also go in future so they were interested in the food & to look at our recent croatia trip photos. 🙂

the croatian brodet was the best dish of the evening, everyone’s favourite!

i fried red onions, chopped scallions, sliced ginger, whole coriander till fragrant then added chopped garlic. i used intense chicken stock, so broth was very tasty. the fish i cooked for about 4-5mins. when serving i heat up covered, added the prawns & the littleneck clams (la la) to cook, then served.

grilled fish – tiger garoupa, treadfin tail, sailfish loin

i used tiger garoupa, treadfin tail, & sailfish loin for the grilled fish dish. 🙂

sailfish akin to tuna & swordfish in texture (firm), and lighter in flavour. bought it from phoon huat delicatessen. for the sailfish steak, i seasoned with sea salt & pepper & charred over high heat on all sides first before over grill.

stuffed with sliced ginger, chopped scallions & garlic, a bit of salt and some coriander, oven grilled at 250degC for 9mins with 2-3tbsp light soy sauce & 2 tbsp olive oil. then drizzle 1 tbsp lemon juice.

the sailfish steak was excellent in falvour & texture!.

dish was very tasty, fish was fresh ok, treadfin was good, though tiger garoupa not quite comparable to the seabass & seabream we had in croatia.

honey orange chicken

we had a nice capon dish at kapun in dubrovnik during our recent croatia tour.

capon is a castrated rooster, the use seemed to date back to as early as 162BC. apparently castrated rooster double in size, have small crown & tender meat. the honey orange capon we had in dubrovnik claimed a 16th century recipe.

anyway i used the sheng shion variety & fashioned my own sauce.

basically just deboned 1/2 chicken, cut into 2 – breast & thigh pieces, seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper & fried skin down to brown the skin for 3-4mins, then turned over added fresh orange juice & honey, covered, cooked chicken while reducing to a thickened sauce. chicken must not be overcooked, so i thickened the sauce further separately.

i think my chicken was more tender, moist & tasty standalone than what we had in dubrovnik actually, the sauce though could not replicate the unique taste & of course the kapun dish was served with barley risotto, and overall experience was quite different.

grilled vege-red pepper,yellow pepper,zucchini, portobello mushrooms

grilled vege – pumpkin, sweet corn, jap sweet potatoes

the grilled vegetables were very good this evening. ^^

i pan seared the red pepper,yellow pepper,zucchini, portobello mushrooms in little oil, sprinkling sea salt.

for the pumpkin (drizzle of honey), jap sweet potato & sweet corn (coated with gourmet butter), i added olive oil & sea salt & roasted 20mins in 250degC oven…pumpkin & sweet corn were especially tasty.

seafood tagliatelle

for the seafood tagliatelle, i browned garlic cloves in olive oil, added red & yellow pepper, then white wine & a tasty chicken stock, and reduced to a very tasty stock.

when serving i added the prawns & littleneck clams, then squid & covered, the added tagliatelle & tossed. wife felt that the tagliatelle was not al dente enough. otherwise the pasta was tasty & prawns & squid & clams were just right, not overcooked..

fishes for brodet & croatian grilled fish

only 6pax, so i used only 1 small seabream, 1 small garoupa, 1 large treadfin cut in 2 for the 2 dishes – brodet & grilled fish.

sailfish loin

sailfish loin

the sailfish loin was my first try, and it was quite excellent!

grilled fish – tiger garoupa, treadfin tail, sailfish loin

grilled fish – tiger garoupa, treadfin tail, sailfish loin

the grilled fish was pretty good, not as good as the seabass & seabream in croatia, and not as good as the brodet dish this evening, which was quite perfect…

deboned half chicken

i used 1/2 deboned chicken, seasoned with fish sauce & pepper & pan-grilled.

honey orange chicken

then cooked with orange juice & honey, and thickened to a drizzle sauce.

grilled vege-red pepper,yellow pepper,zucchini, portobello mushrroms

the grilled vegetables were in fact the second favourite dish for this evening after brodet.



i prepared fresh prawns (for both brodet & pasta) & squid.

seafood tagliatelle

seafood tagliatelle

made a nice pasta.

fruits – cut pineapples, rock melons, cherries & blueberries

fruits – cut pineapples, rock melons, cherries & blueberries

CH brought very sweet cherries & cut pineapples & rock melons..& KF brought a red wine.

we viewed our recent crotian photos after dinner..the sceneries & food…haha!

a great evening with good friends & nice food.

c.h.e.f andy



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