Good Dinner at Imperial Restaurant – 14 RI Bros Sep/Oct Birthdays on 8Oct2018

longevity buns 寿桃

we have regular 14 RI bros birthdays dinner every few months. so far full attendance all 14 bros. the same this evening on 8.10.2018. ^^

the permanent members on the orgcom have been diligent in organising the dinners, arranging birthday present, cake & decor. sometimes with activities like loyang bbq & karaoke on 30.1.2018, and go-kart and tasty loong recently on 3.8.2018.

today we had a room at imperial (formerly imperial herbal) restaurant (located in Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview) with karaoke, though we didn’t get to do karaoke in the end. the server said we did not tell them we wanted to karaoke (although we did) and the adjacent room was having karaoke. happened that the adjacent room party was arranged by LKH’s sister and they did not do karaoke. we wanted to do when the adjacent room left but restaurant said it was late & they closing at 10.30pm (which is the not really very useful to have karaoke installed?)


first was the complimentary longevity buns 寿桃, very much the usual la… 🙂

special beef tendons

special beef tendons

then we had 2 specialties of this restaurant? the beef tendon & the 赛螃蟹 egg white dish.

the beef tendons were pretty good. tender, good succulent bite texture, & quite flavourful. this the dry preparation i guess, the usual 焖 slow braised with sauce style i like too but i guess this preparation more unusual. so this was good.

LKH who arranged the restaurant & got 15% discounts did not arrange for any traditional house specialty like 牛鞭汤. he reckoned that the brothers didn’t need any help. lol! ^^

#1 赛螃蟹 egg white dish

#1 赛螃蟹 egg white dish

the 赛螃蟹 egg white dish can’t say it was anything special, maybe just above average?

i think the usual preparation of 赛螃蟹 at zi char or restaurants served usually with poached brocoli are better in my opinion. the key here is the good flavourful vinegar & the fluffy scrambled texture of the egg white.

i tried my hands on the 赛螃蟹 brocoli dish, not so easy this, texture needed improvements.

#2 fish lip soup

#2 fish lip soup

they served fish lip soup here. it sounded like another specialty.

it was a tasty soup, tasty. texture wise it was the slightly starchy gluey type like the fake sharksfin soup, it is gard to tell one from the other. i like maybe a clear soup with natural sweetness might be better. otherwise it felt like paying a lot for specialty and not sure what you get. 🙂

#3 prawns

#3 prawns

the prawns were good. it was similar in preparation with salted egg prawns or wasabi prawns, which also have a light batter deepfried the sauce added…can’t remember what sauce this was if any, but the frying was done well, and taste was good.

#4 deepfried soon hock

#4 deepfried soon hock

deepfried soon hock was good but perhaps rather pedestrian.

deepfry gave a good flavour but a steamed fresh live soon hock is still best.

#5 nai bai tofu

#5 nai bai tofu

the nai bai tofu was a good vegetable dish.

#5 nai bai tofu

good superior stock, quite tasty, tofu was done ok.

#6 salt baked chicken

#6 salt baked chicken

the salt baked chicken 盐焗鸡 was the poorest dish. did not resemble any salt baked chicken. texture was all wrong though the stock was good. maybe a wine chicken dish or a xo frogleg dish with chicken instead of frog??

i would say the recent tasty loong’s 1/2 salt baked chicken on 3.8.2018 was what this dish should look & taste like.

and sorry to say but even my own salt baked chicken 盐焗鸡  was far superior la! lol! ^^

#7 seafood yeemeen

#7 seafood yeemeen

the seafood yeemeen was good standard. 🙂

sticky caramelised yam dessert

sticky caramelised yam dessert

the sticky caramelised yam dessert was much ado about nothing for me.

and it had to be taken immediately before the hot sugar strands hardened, very hard to do for 14pax and by the time the server demonstrated what we were supposed to do.

no different from any yam and sweet potato dessert anyway.

#8 eight treasures dessert

#8 eight treasures dessert

the eight treasuers dessert? was good standard, bt then our organiser LKH made just as good ones for our home dinner gatherings…lol! ^^

bill S$701 nett for 14pax

fish lip soup

the price was S$701nett for 14pax about S$50pax nett after 15% discounts.

looking at the bill, they charge S$1pax tea and 2xS$3 appertiser very reasonable. 2 plates of the beef tendon specials were S$36, also ok. & at S$458 for 10pax with 15% discounts, it was like S$39++pax for the 8-course set, with a karaoke room, longevity buns and a sticky yam dessert, actually it was a pretty ok deal la.

of course you can still get a suckling pig 10pax set for <s$500 at=”” ah=”” yat=”” and=”” hung=”” <span=”” class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”hung ” data-mce-bogus=”1″>kang restaurants, but for this S$39++pax was quite ok.</s$500>

c.h.e.f andy


Imperial Restaurant

Located in: Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview
Address382 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169629

Phone6337 0491
Opening Hours: 

Monday – Friday 11:30AM–2.30PM, 6:15–10:30PM
Saturday – Sunday 11:30AM–3PM, 6:15–10:30PM


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