Good Wedding Reception + Banquet Dinner at W Singapore on 7Oct2018

individually served appetizer platter

my good friend’s son wedding today.

i fetched LCH then drove to sentosa to W Singapore on 7.10.2018. ^^

there was a reception before dinner and some canapes were served with wine & drinks..

there was a photo wall so we RI bros took couple photos together. 🙂

wedding dinner banquet menu

the dishes for the dinner banquet were good, and they were served individually. 🙂

the appetizer hors d’oeuvre comprised smoked duck, kurobuta 蒜泥白肉, prawn salad, a minced prawn wrap & wintermelon…excellent dish this. 🙂


soup was equally atas like a mini buddha jump over the wall – with baby abalone, fish maw, dried scallop and a very tasty broth. excellent!

wasabi prawns

the wasabi prawn was very well done, very crispy batter, fresh prawns, not ovewhelming wasabi cream.

garoupa fillet

the hong kong steamed garoupa fillet was good too. the sauce was good, the garoupa fillet was good but i have taken better ones eg tunglok signatures using this preparation..maybe it was the fillet cut.


surprisingly the wagyu dish was the poorer of the dishes.

chinese styled stir-fried beef is usually not comparable to japanese or western steaks. this was ok dish but not great.

spinach & lingzi mushrooms & truffle

a great vegetable dish.


the noodles were nice too.


and the dessert was ok.

overall an excellent dinner menu befitting the wedding banquet.

it was a joyful day for my dear friend and the couple, and we were honoured to partake in their joyous moments

c.h.e.f andy

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