Good Chinese Food @ Zhong Hua Resutaurant on 20Sep2018 Day 6 3pax Family Holiday in Slovenia 15-21Sep2018

fried rice

tired of mixed grill & other not fantastic western food we had this last week in slovenia.

decided to take chinese at zhong hua nearby..pretty good actually about €25 for 3pax dinner quite satisfying. even wife & son enjoyed it.


after checking out of our apartment, we had sometime to walk around ljubljana before going to airport to catch the flight to naples via an overnight layover at istanbul.

we were killing time. after walking we rested and had a drink and chill bu the riverside.

this week we had been taking mostly mixed grill that were so so, not great pastas, grilled trout that were good (at bovec) and not so good (at bohinj), i am kind of tired of these.

when my wife & son asked, i said i rather have chinese. and this zhong hua restaurant has quite good reviews.

虾饺 hargao

虾饺 hargao passable, not near the best we get easily in singapore or hong kong, but ok.

sweet sour soup 酸辣汤

sweet sour soup 酸辣汤 just a starchy soup, not near the fragrant, flavourful up in a good restaurant, but ok too.

laziji 辣子鸡

laziji 辣子鸡 good standard, like those we get in sichuan restaurants in singapore.

fried rice

fried rice was good too. quite tasty and a bit of wok hae..:-)

restaurant zhong hua – bill

laziji 辣子鸡

dinner was €22 for 3pax, of course we did not order much.

i was quite happy with the chicken & fried rice, and wife & son were too.

i don’t really bother if it was chinese or western, and generally as a rule when we are travelling in western countries we do not take chinese (with the exception of the excellent roast duck in london chinese restaurants like goldmine and four seasons).

as long as it is nice. lousy western food just as bad as lousy chinese, and vice versa, lol! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


zhong hua restaurant, ljubljana

Opening Hours:


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