Wife made Delicious Chirashi-don on 4mar2017

chirashi don

wife brought back fresh ingredients from hokkaido on her return….airflown sashimi grade la… so she made chirashi don for family dinner on 4.3.2017. ^^

topping ingredients – chirashi don

we had ikura (salmon roe), uni (sea urchin), & hotate (scallops).

my job was to make tamago (egg roll).

topping ingredients & rice – chirashi don

wife cooked the japanese rice & mixed in sushi vinegar & mirin to make sushi rice.

hotate from hokkaido

hotate so very fresh & sweet!

uni & ikura from hokkaido

& uni, excellent la, very sweet…ikura too…


my tamago very good too…

i think restaurant standard la… in taste if not presentation..better than some supermarket sushi tamago..

hotate from hokkaido & tamago from me

very nice!

salmon with seaweed from hokkaido

the salmon was very good too, poached i think, marinated & layered with seaweed.


there were some iberico pork collar in the freezer, so i think the kurobuta pork.

kurobuta on don

didn’t do well today though, basically overcooked & not as tender & moist.

kurobuta though still good not like ordinary pork which can turn rubbery.

chirashi don

of course our chirashi don not the standard of top top restaurants, but still pretty good standard la…^^

c.h.e.f andy


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