Great Polo Buns with Butter 菠萝油 @ Kam Wah Cafe 金华冰厅 on 24Feb2017

Great Polo Buns @ Kam Wah Cafe 金华冰厅

Great polo buns with butter 菠萝油 @ Kam Wah Cafe 金华冰厅

we leaving for singapore today on 24.2.2016. checking out at 12pm & then taking a taxi to airport. so no plans to go too far, just relaxed.

we had a good polo bun 菠萝包 at hong lin restaurant 康年餐厅 the other day. the friend who sleeps late did not try it, so we thought of going back.

on the way we passed by kam wah cafe 金华茶餐厅. good traffic but there was no queue. so quite suits us.

this supposed to be the best polo bun restaurant in hong kong, according to some reviews.  my RI group was not too impressed the last time we were here. anyhow a revisit was surely in order. 🙂

 polo buns with butter 菠萝油 @ Kam Wah Cafe 金华冰厅

polo buns with butter 菠萝油 @ Kam Wah Cafe 金华冰厅

this time, maybe i beginning to take some liking to polo buns since i shared a 1/4 at hong lin restaurant 康年餐厅, i actually quite enjoyed it.

i shared 1/2 this time. i think can do one next time la… haha!

we ordered 3 polo buns with butter 菠萝油, one french toast & egg tarts.

Kam Wah Cafe 金华冰厅

Kam Wah Cafe 金华冰厅

Kam Wah Cafe 金华冰厅

Kam Wah Cafe 金华冰厅

the place had a good crowd.

the server very chatty & chat up a conversation with my 2 cantonese friends. i think that made the breakfast more fun & enjoyable too.

egg toast

egg toast

the egg toast/french toast quite good, not my kind of food though.

egg tart

egg tart

the egg tart passable but not in the same league as tai cheong egg tarts.

pastry not so crimbly & not so tasty. egg custard itself ok i guess, somehow overall not as good, maybe psychological??

this time my breakfast quite enjoyable. my friends actually thought the polo buns with butter 菠萝油 here better than hong lin restaurant 康年餐厅. i can’t really tell, but i enjoyed it both times.

eat less enjoy more???

c.h.e.f andy


Kam Wah Cafe 金华冰厅

G/F, 47 Bute Street, Prince Edward
Tel: 2392 6830
Opening hrs: Mon.-Sun.:06:30am-12:00am
MTR: Prince Edward B2 exit

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