Good Tea Time Porridge & Dimsum @ Crystal Jade Kitchen at Hollandv on 21Sep2016

steamed chicken feet

steamed chicken feet 

wife finished late today.

we did not want heavy lunch so decided to take advantage of 25% discount for tea at crystal jade kitchen @ hollandv (3pm to 5pm) on 21.9.2016.^^

good timing to do some errands & got a seat at the restaurant at 3pm.

crystal jade kitchen @ hollandv-3.15pm

crystal jade kitchen @ hollandv-3.15pm

restaurant was quite empty at this hour.

har gao

har gao 

har gao was tasty.

skin breaking up a bit but skin & fillings both tasty. i took with some chilli, quite enjoy it.

steamed pork ibs

steamed pork ribs 

steamed pork ribs were good.

tasty, and good amount of meat. tender too. good standard this.

& the steamed chicken feet (top photos). good too.

3-combo porridge =liver,kidney,meatballs

3-combo porridge =liver,kidney,meatballs

& we always like the porridge (or congee) here.

we ordered the 3-combo, with liver, kidney & meat balls.

3-combo porridge =liver,kidney,meatballs

3-combo porridge =liver,kidney,meatballs 

porridg very smooth 滑, very good standard.

the bill after 25% discounts-S$26

the bill after 25% discounts-S$26 

basically this standard of dimsum & porridge is HK standard. maybe a bit more than HK prices.

with 25% discounts it was ok at S$26nett. maybe still more ex than HK.

c.h.e.f andy


Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Hollandv
2 Lor Mambong, Holland Village, 277671
Opening Hours:

Daily 8:30AM–11PM

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