Good Nonya Food 6pax Family Dinner @ Tingkat PeraMakan on 30jun2019

babi pongteh set

had very good 6pax family dinner this evening at tingkat preMakan at owen road on 30.6.2019. ^^

the babi ponteh, sambal sotong, curry chicken, pork ribs set all good 👍

set came with 2 sides, drink and dessert..

chendol this evening was excellent as good as four seasons tpy lor 8!

alacarte dishes were all good. rendang best! ikan tenggiri, fried seafood laksa and otah all good. 6pax, 5 set + 4 ala carte dishes = S$103 nett.

tingkat permakan

quite a nice cosy place.

sayur curry


the 2 sides we liked best were the sayur curry and tofu.

babi pongteh

babi pongteh was good.

but more preferred the pork ribs pongteh.

sotong sambal set

daughter ordered the sotong sambal set, and JH the curry chicken set.

sotong sambal was good, curry chicken ok too.


otak also very good.

ikan tenggiri

ikan tenggiri

as was the ikan tenggiri. firm, sweet fish, nice curry and vegetables.

fried seafood laksa

fried seafood laksa

the fried seafood laksa didn’t look that great but taste was quite good actually!

beef rendang

rendang was the best dish.



and chendol this evening exceptional standard, as good as four seasons at TPY lor 8.

pork rib set

we had a great time.

i think i will try out babi pongteh and pork ribs first and later do a full fledged nonya dinner for family and friends.

c.h.e.f andy


Tingkat PeraMakan




Delicious 8pax Home 海底捞Dinner on 1Jul2019

wife’s home 海底捞

wife decided this morning to make home 海底捞 dinner today on 1.7.2018.

all came – JH, PT, ervin and we had 8pax dinner. full house.

wife’s home 海底捞

i had some crispy bean curd.

beef shabu

and some beef shabu. 500g packet.


and cut 2 medium white pomfret.

kurobuta shabu

kurobuta shabu

wife ordered some kurobuta from qbfood earlier.

cheese and fish tofu

and bought some cheese and fish tofu and a ‘her kiao’ fish dumpling.

mushrooms and veg

and we had shitake and shimeji mushrooms and baby corn..



most important are the sauces, like if you go 海底捞or huating steamboat.

i made the 沙茶酱mixed with 麻辣chilli with lots of chopped garlic and chinese celery. wife made fried onion oil. scallions and light soy sauce.

wife’s home 海底捞

steamboat is the easiest food to prepare. aunty bes made the ikan bilis and yellow bean stock. all the other ingredients just buy and we had a wonderful 8pax family dinner. no effort.

c.h.e.f andy

Best Roast Duck and Great Dishes @ Xin Cuisine on 28Jun2019

truffle mushrooms S$10

met up with QTC and sis esther..

NCL & KWL had to go off….QTC, LCM and i decided to go xin cusine 新故乡for 3pax dinner..

had a really good chat including LCM’s project and also kluang.

truffle mushrooms S$10

xin cuisine reopened after like 3 months for kitchen renovation and reopened like 7.6.2019.

food just as fabulous as before.

i ordered the truffle mushroosm to share.

tea smoked roast duck S$32

and the signature tea smoked roast duck.

it was really good. crispy skin , great texture and wonderful flavour.

sliced garoupa S$28

the sliced garoupa dish excellent wokhae.

garoupa meat was ok. nice combination of leek, onions and chilli.

sweet mustard vegetables kailan S$20

sweet mustard vegetables kailan S$20

the sweet mustard vegetables 梅菜 kailan also very good. one of my favourite.

S$82 for 3pax

after amex 35% discounts for 3pax, dinner came to S$82nett, inclusive of 2 desserts. quite ok for the excellent dishes we had.

tea smoked roast duck S$32

and the best was none other thn the tea smoked roast duck.

c.h.e.f andy


Xin Cuisine (新故乡)
317 Outram Rd, Holiday Inn Atrium, 169075

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday 12–2:30PM6:30–10:30PM




Really Nice Indian Rojak @ Habib’s on 28Jun2019

8pax RI + til german guy

raj, an old RI school friend visiting singapore,

NCL arranged for 8pax early lunch @ habib’s ayer rajah food centre today on 28.6.2019. ^^

followed by durians – we had msw and golden phoenix…

i just came from delivering my weekly friday breakfast dish to teban gardens. WM my

OPS bro messaged and we decided to have kopi at clementi blk 325 next to carpark adjacent to clementi mrt, where i picked up NCL, angie and raj. raj brought a young german trauma/ortho doctor friend visiting singapore, and we proceeded to habib’s.

habib’s indian rojak

habib’s indian rojak

habib’s indian rojak 

we ordered quite a bit, rojak came in 2 plates S$31 for 9pax…quite enough actually but we were greedy and ordered another S$10… really nice especially taken with the chilli dip..we had cuttlefish as well as squid, crispy batter prawn, coconut piece, and of course fish cake and tau kua..

really shiok..must come back agsain!

rajs birthday cake

angie brought the rainbow cake.

msw and golden phoenix

msw and golden phoenix

after rojak, we decided to walk over to the fruit stall for durians.

we ordered 6 durians in total = 2 golden phoenix 2xS$10, 2 small msw 2xS$10 (these 4 S$10 each) and 3 large msw 3 8kg @ S$18/kg for D$65 = total 6 durians S$105 …

the joke is that the S$10 msw is better than the S$30 msw..the smaller ones so intense and flavourful..HAB almost wanted to buy back some S$10 msw.

habib’s indian rojak

meimei & WEH happened to be also here with brother john tan, paul and his daughter, and took some nice group photos.

c.h.e.f andy


Habib’s Rojak


Curry Vegetables with Belly Pork – 97th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 28Jun2019

curry veg with belly pork

made curry vegetables with belly pork for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 28.6.2019.^^

i cook a dish for teban gardens every friday unless i am traveling or otherwise indisposed.

this my 97th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

french beans, ocra and eggplant

happens that my RI bro KWL passed me 2 packets of heng’s vegetable curry he bought in JB.

i bought some vegetables totaling 1kg+.

curry vegetables

curry vegetables

and cooked a nice, very tasty vegetables curry with the paste.

just fried long beans with curry paste and curry leaves first 5mins, then added ocra, added pork stock from making the crispy pork and covered for 5mins. then added eggplants another 5mins.

added 1 packet 200ml coconut milk, mixed well and set aside.

crispy belly pork

crispy belly pork

for the crispy pork, i blanched in boiling water, cleaned and placed in 130degC oven for 3.5hrs…and drained in fridge overnight…pork very tender.

this morning i shallow fried in 2 batches, drained off oil in colander, and used the oil to fry the vegetables for the curry.

curry veg with belly pork

curry veg with belly pork

curry veg with belly pork

then added back the belly pork to the curry vegetables.

curry veg with belly pork

curry veg with belly pork

a very tasty dish, crispy pork tender inside, and a very tasty curry vegetables.

c.h.e.f andy

Delicious Family Cookout – Wife, Son, Aunty Bes, I all Contributed a Dish on 27Jun2019

son’s kimchi fried rice

wife decided to have family cook out on 27.6.2019. ^^

we had 4pax family dinner, everyone cooked.

  1. wife did pangrilled ribeye
  2. son did a sous vide flamed ribeye
  3.  and a kimchi fried rice
  4. i did a pan roasted “halia” chicken with red wine reduction leek & onion
  5. and aunty bes did pan charred brussels sprouts

afterwards wife and i had coffee then went for a walk with wife to clock 10000 steps 🙂

son’s kimchi fried rice

son’s kimchi fried rice good standard, tasty.

wife’s pangrilled ribeye

wife’s pangrilled ribeye

wife’s pangrilled ribeye was good, done well.

son’s sous vide flamed ribeye

son’s sous vide flamed ribeye better still. he said 2hrs 50degC, sounded a bit rare.

but after flaming, and it was not a thick cut, it came out very well, nicely medium rare, very consistemt and great flavours.

aunty bes pan charred brussels sprouts

aunty bes pan charred brussels sprouts we all like.

my pan roasted “halia” chicken with red wine reduction leek & onions

i did a panroasted 1/2 kampung chicken

to model after the excellent tender, moist, tasty chicken we recently had at halia (above photo).

my pan roasted “halia” chicken with red wine reduction leek & onions

my pan roasted “halia” chicken

came up with my own recipe, and it was pretty good la..

i seasoned with sea salt and pepper and pangrilled deboned 1/2 kampung chicken breast and thigh pieces about 4 mins, high heat, just a little butter (chicken lots of oil rendering out), till crispy skin, turned over and off fire. then 20mins in 130degC oven.

chicken was very tender, moist and consistent, quite close to halia’s.

red wine reduction leek & onions

halia’s leek side with the grilled chicken was very good too.

i decided to do mine as red wine reduction. it was really tender and tasty. PT commented it was very nice and chatted with me about how it was done.

son’s sous vide flamed ribeye

a very fun family evening, everyone cooked something. wife and son’s dishes all very nice, and i loved aunty bes’ brusssel sprouts too.

c.h.e.f adny

Tasty Teochew Food 7pax OPS Bros and Wives Dinner) @ Chao Shan Cuisine on 26Jun2019

chao shan cuisine

wife bought 7pax dinner with WM, Jessie, WT & GY and HC @ chao shan cuisine 潮汕林 on 26.6.2019. ^^

first time i ate here.

food was generally good, tasty, and great teochew dishes. 🙂

pig trotter jelly and nogh hiang

pig trotter jelly and nogh hiang were very good.

pig trotter jelly

this trotter jelly very tasty, much better than that at fragrant gardens recently.

braised goose

in the bill they said braised goose.

i thought no goose in singapore? except like frozen goose from 7 countries european, latin america etc.

anyhow it was very good, much better than the braised duck at fragrant gardens.

goose liver

and goose liver.

the 2 dishes S$60, goose was ok…don’t think i want to spend money on braised goose liver. 🙂

egg omelette

egg omelette also good. at S$20, quite standard price..better than fragrant gardens, about same as huat kee.

sotong with chives

sotong with chives S$26 was ok, a good dish.

the proprietress brandied some names, anyway looked like sotong, tasted like sotong, it was sotong to me.

teochew fried kuay teow

teochew fried kuay teow also very good here. better than both fragrant gardens and huat kee.

S$220 for 7pax

dinner was S$220 for 7pax, quite ok, but then we did not have the expensive dishes like halibut and pomfret which were both excellent at fragrant gardens.

i can expect them to be equally good and expensive here though. lol!

when i read the blogs, apparently their cold crab, teochew steamed treadfin also very gooda and the steamed sharks cartilage..not sure that is a teochew dish…

will try next time.

pig trotter jelly and nogh hiang

had a really nice dinner thanks to arrangements by WM and Jessie, and a good get together before GY flew back to shanghai.

c.h.e.f andy