Tasty Teochew Food 7pax OPS Bros and Wives Dinner) @ Chao Shan Cuisine on 26Jun2019

chao shan cuisine

wife bought 7pax dinner with WM, Jessie, WT & GY and HC @ chao shan cuisine 潮汕林 on 26.6.2019. ^^

first time i ate here.

food was generally good, tasty, and great teochew dishes. 🙂

pig trotter jelly and nogh hiang

pig trotter jelly and nogh hiang were very good.

pig trotter jelly

this trotter jelly very tasty, much better than that at fragrant gardens recently.

braised goose

in the bill they said braised goose.

i thought no goose in singapore? except like frozen goose from 7 countries european, latin america etc.

anyhow it was very good, much better than the braised duck at fragrant gardens.

goose liver

and goose liver.

the 2 dishes S$60, goose was ok…don’t think i want to spend money on braised goose liver. 🙂

egg omelette

egg omelette also good. at S$20, quite standard price..better than fragrant gardens, about same as huat kee.

sotong with chives

sotong with chives S$26 was ok, a good dish.

the proprietress brandied some names, anyway looked like sotong, tasted like sotong, it was sotong to me.

teochew fried kuay teow

teochew fried kuay teow also very good here. better than both fragrant gardens and huat kee.

S$220 for 7pax

dinner was S$220 for 7pax, quite ok, but then we did not have the expensive dishes like halibut and pomfret which were both excellent at fragrant gardens.

i can expect them to be equally good and expensive here though. lol!

when i read the blogs, apparently their cold crab, teochew steamed treadfin also very gooda and the steamed sharks cartilage..not sure that is a teochew dish…

will try next time.

pig trotter jelly and nogh hiang

had a really nice dinner thanks to arrangements by WM and Jessie, and a good get together before GY flew back to shanghai.

c.h.e.f andy



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