Good Standard Thai Food Good Value Too @ Patara Fine Thai Cuisine on 25Jun2019

thai dishes

5 of us OPS buddies arranged to have lunch, but WM was held up by some singtel installation, so 4pax lunch at patara on 25.6.2019. ^^

i booked the eatigo 50% discounts at 12pm. 🙂

thai seafood tanhoon salad S$23

i ordered thai seafood tanhoon salad. i think the prawn pomelo salad is better. WT doesn’t take prawns. 🙂

tomyam talay S$12

tomyam talay S$12

i ordered just one tomyam soup for my friends to try.

quite enough. i wasn’t taking still nursing a cough though 90% recovered…HC doesn’t take sotong and WT doesn’t take prawns. haha!

Grilled 300 days grain-fed Australian beef tenderloin S$38

and the grilled 300 days grain-fed Australian beef tenderloin. this really good quality, tender and tasty.

red curry chicken S$24

and red curry chicken.

i think red curry is the most tasty curry here. today maybe my tastebuds not fully restored so i didn’t feel it was as flavourful, lemak and intense as i thought.

my friends liked it anyway.

WHOLE SEABASS In lime, garlic and chilli broth S$42

first time i ordered this steamed whole seabass.

this a very popular dish in thailand and in the distant past i had taken this many times in bangkok with thai business partners and it was very good.

i had cooked this myself, just seabass with fish sauce and lots of aromatics. today i didn’t expect much and it wasn’t much. good enough i guess. seabass with tasty sauce. should have come as a candle heated dish though.

pineapple rice with seafood S$22

i never order thai pineapple rice as it is sweet and my family always order the very flavourful olive rice.

still i expected better but this was not much tasty, i think much below par for a restaurant like patara…

WT’s haebeehiam fried rice and msw fried rice which we took recently, much better than this.

dessert platter S$22

i ordered a dessert platter for my friends to try.

i wasn’t taking and it was quite enough for 3pax. – coconut and vanilla ice cream, 2 thai chendol, durian cakes and fruits.

S$108 for 4pax lunch

Grilled 300 days grain-fed Australian beef tenderloin S$38

we had a great lunch, and price was great too with eatigo 50% discounts.

4pax lunch for good quality food at S$108 nett.

after lunch we went to visit M’s new place and picked up some ang hae (red prawn) durians at SKC. red prawn durians so so for me…i liked the xo durians i also bought better. we had that at won lee’s place later in the evening.

c.h.e.f andy


Patara Fine Cuisine @ Tanglin Mall


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