4pax Homecooked Lunch with Bro, Sis BIL on 11Mar2019

4pax lunch dishes

today bro, sis & bil came over for lunch on 11.3.2019. ^^.

i made 4 dishes.

mullet and large yellow croaker

mullet and large yellow croaker

chilled mullet and yellow croaker are teochew favorites, perfect taken together with taujeon.

not much difference in quality eating out or homecook (i would say my homecooked mostly better). just a lot cheaper homecooked.

i bought 2 mullet for S$9.80 and the very large yellow croaker (>50% larger than normal size) for S$8.90.

very fresh and sweet. both very good, myself i still prefer the mullet.

garlic hk steamed sotong

garlic hk steamed sotong

garlic hk steamed the easiest to prepare and super nice.

sotong these days more ex than fish. at sheng shiong it’s like S$15.90 to S$18.90.

today’s large sotong >300g so i would be cost >S$5 ie more expensive than the mullet.

fried shitake mushrooms with mala sauce

i made some fried shitake with mala sauce. this was excellent and perfect the other day. today, not enough mala sauce.

4pax lunch dishes

and i had some hk kailan.

bro liked the kailan. he commented kailan was really lush green. and it was succulent and sweet.

c.h.e.f andy


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