Lovely 3pax Dinner @ Halia botanical Gardens on 14Jan019

with brother & sil

had 3pax dinner with brither & sil @ halia botanical gardens on 14.1.2019. ^^

we used chope S$150 8.30pm offpeak vouchers so 3pax dinner = S$66+S$9.48=about S$76nett

3 large oysters
wagyu beef carpaccio
2 sides = mixed mushrooms & sunchokes
rack of lamb
sous vide chicken
halibut la papilettte

food was excellent!
had a great time with my bro & sil

3 oysters S$13.50

3 oysters S$13.50

oysters were large, plump and sweet. 🙂

wagyu carpaccio S$18

wagyu carpaccio was excellent, sweet & tender…some may prefer some dressing like balsamic. i am quite ok with plain, natural meat sweetness.

mized mushrooms S$5

sunchokes S$5

both sides/small bites mixed mushrooms and sunchokes were great! 🙂

sous vide chicken S$29

sous vide chicken S$29

chicken was truely a pleasant surprise.

it was one of the best western preparation chicken i had, superb tender and moist, and very nicely flavoured..a really, really nice chicken, i will order this again.

halibut la papilette S$33

haibut was great too, great sauce, tender, tasty sauce, great side of rice too.

medium rare rack of lamb S$35

medium rare rack of lamb S$35

medium rare rack of lamb S$35

we ordered the rack of lamb too, medium rare.

it was good, not exceptional but pretty good.

bill for 3pax = S$76 nett

halia delicious dishes

halia at a nice location, no problems with parking, a short walk to the restaurant, will need umbrella if raining.

ambience was great. relax and food was great.

with chope 50% discounts, the price for very good quality food for 3pax was S$76, very good deal and cannot ask for more la.

c.h.e.f andy


Halia @ Botanical Gardens



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