Good 4pax Family Lunch @ Amo Hongkong Street on 30Dec2018

tuna tartar crostini with avocado & apple S$26

son bought 4pax lunch at amo today on 30.12.2018. ^^

we had S$200 chope vouchers which we bought for S$118. there was no S$50 vouchers and we didn’t need another S$100. lunch came to S$248 including one wine so total for us 4pax was S$118+S$48=S$166. 🙂

the prices here are steeper than say foc or rosso bianco and even halia etc.

food not better than foc but was good too.

tuna tartar was nice.

zucchini flower S$26

zucchini flower a bit unusual wrapped with ham? anyway it was a delectable dish. 🙂

Tagliolini with Spicy Young Cuttlefish and Squid Ink S$29

the squidink was also unusual. we asked for squid ink to be mixed into the pasta but restaurant said not possible. we found out why when the dish arrived. the portion of squid ink was tiny!

the dish was quite excellent, the sauce was superb, very tasty w/o the squidink. the squid ink was nice too!

bone marrow pizza S$29

bone marrow pizza S$29

the bone marrow pizza was very good. the dough was very good and son finished all the dough. usually he doesn’t!

and the flavour was great!

bone marrow pizza

a very enjoyable pizza for wife & i even though we often do not take pizza.

milk brasied pork neck S$35

the pork was quite ordinary. a nice dish ok but not great and the meat was average not a premium cut.

tagliata di manzo S$48

tagliata di manzo S$48

tagliata di manzo was pretty good, also not the best.

and if we do ourselves at home, our ribeye would be angus grain fed variety much better quality cut than this one. the roasted garlic was good too.

it was a great lunch out for the family, and so offered to take the tab for lunch.

c.h.e.f andy


amo @ hongkong street


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