Good Mattar Road Crab Dinner @ WM House on 18Oct2018

crab dinner at WM house

OPS bro Wm organised a crab dinner for 6pax (4 OPS bro + J + GY) at his place on 18.10.2018. ^^

crab dinner at WM house 

he ordered & collected 7 crabs from “old mattar road”, now called mattar road seafood. 🙂

the crabs were S$50/kg so the crabs were like 800g each size=5.6kg=S$280. 🙂

j’s yam cake

before dinner, J served some yam cake she made, super nice! especially with the very spicy chilli. i packet some home for wife and children. 🙂


WM bought some satays too. this had the pineapple sauce which cannot get at many satay place.

satay was flavourful though it dried up a bit being out on the table for a while and while we ate.

butter crabs 

there was butter and white pepper crabs.

both crabs were nice. J like the butter crab more. i like the white pepper crab, very flavourful & i guess more sauce.

white pepper crabs, butter crabs and satays

white pepper crabs

white pepper crabs

i enjoyed both crabs very much.

usually i don’t take much crabs, lazy to eat & my family don’t eat crabs often also.

amybe one day go to the matter road seafood zi char to eat there with other dishes.

braised chicken

braised chicken

J made some braised chicken.

fried noodles 

and noodles.

very sweet pineapples and fragrant mangoes

WT brught very sweet cut pineapples, and WM served some fragrant mangoes as well.

tong shui

the tong shui was great after a nice dinner.

white pepper crabs, butter crabs and satays

WM, J and GY started shanghai mahjong. WT, HC and i watched tv.

had a great time this evening with good friends.

c.h.e.f andy

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