The Best Beef Brisket Noodles 牛腩面 @ Noodle Place on 7Aug2018

8pax RI bros lunch @ noodle place

my RI bro organised a 8pax RI bros lunch @ noodle place at orchard gateway on 7.8.2018. ^^ the restaurant is owned by his cousin chef xu..

i had been noodle place only one time in 2013 also by invitation of KY.

at the time i wrote-

” i was lamenting that we were missing hk standard 牛腩面. the shanghainese/ taiwanese version 牛腩面 at crystal jade lamian xialongbao & sicc were well & good, but not my preferred hk version. the ones here though were excellent. they did not quite serve the beef belly type cut, but the brisket was indeed very good & it is true that most Singaporeans would prefer this leaner cut. 🙂”

that was still true fact i was more impressed today with the beef brisket noodles 牛腩面, maybe because i forgot already how it tasted here & i still hold singapore  beef brisket noodles to be substandard vs hk beef brisket noodles.

1/2 roast duck

the 1/2 roast duck was exceptionally good, so flavourful.

it was a large serving for 1/2 duck. i not sure if this was the regular serving or the chef gave us a larger portion because of his cousin?

this one of the best i had in singapore, comparable to –

  1. tunglok’s roast london duck &
  2. xin cuisine’s tea flavoured roast duck,

very authentic hong kong taste like eating in HK.

char siew & siew yoke

the char siew & siew yoke also very good standard, just that many restaurants do it just as well.

i asked chef xu why hawkers & restaurant here do not serve the belly cut with 胶 layer which they served in hong kong 崩沙腩 (=according to wiki a skirt steak)?

(see the incredible HK kuen kee ngau lam meen 牛腩面 in above photo)

his reply was that those were frozen. i still think more likely that singaporeans would prefer the leaner beef brisket.

noodle place 坑腩 beef brisket noodles 牛腩面

he said he served 坑腩(=according to wiki a boneless short rib).   he said it was not stated on the menu but he would serve us that.

of course a short rib cut would be more expensive & better than a skirt. but for the beef brisket noodles 牛腩面 i guess for me, 坑腩would be the second best. 🙂

& this was really good. either it was better this time or i forgot how good it was in 2013. lol! 🙂 very 爽口 ie tender not sinewy excellent bite & mouth feel. fantastic!

i will come back a lot more i guess….

mixed congee 及第粥

fish, cuttlefish congee 艇仔粥

both the mixed congee 及第粥 & fish, cuttlefish congee 艇仔粥 were very good, but i guess no better than say crystal jade kitchen…

porridge not my favourite even in hong kong & shenzhen..i guess this would come close or same standard as in hong kong. 🙂

chai sim

all my friends thought the chai sim was better than the kailan, more crunchy, juicy less dry & “siap” = astringent…

complimentary dumpling soup

chef xu served us a complimentary dumpling soup. competent. not special.

bill S$170 for 8pax

the bill came to S$170 for 8pax include drinks even after 15% discounts. not really cheap, but i enjoyed the lunch very much.

will come with family & OPS friends.

noodle place 炕腩beef brisket noodles 牛腩面

the 炕腩beef brisket noodles excellent, just not sure can get this normally, or only serve to us because of KY.

i will be back soon.

c.h.e.f andy


Noodle Place Restaurant

277 Orchard Road, #01-17 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858

Opening Hours: 

daily 10AM–10PM

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