Very Good S$13.80 3-course Lunch @ Toptable Temasek Poly on 10Aug2017

seafood strudel

had another wonderful S$13.80 3-course lunch at toptable on 10.8.2017.

my RI friend PL bought 5pax lunch this time.

the same 5pax came just 3 weeks ago on 20.7.2017. at S$13.80nett this truly the best value 3-course lunch anywhere. 

price aside, what’s more important is that the food is really good, better than most cafeteria & quite restaurant standard. and the service is good.  this being undertaken entirely by CIA-Temasek Poly diploma students…

there was a choice of seafood strudel or chicken consomme. 4 of us picked the seafood strudel.

& it was really good, very tasty seafood flavours & a flaky strudel pastry, nice sauce. i would say very restaurant standard.

chicken consomme with vegetable tortilini

a friend took the chicken consomme with vegetarian tortilini. she said it was very good. quite expected…

duck confit

for mains, there was a choice of duck confit & barramundi.

the duck confit was very good, entirely competent. very crispy skin, nice, flavourful, moist duck meat cooked in duck fat…not the best i had, but very good standard liao..& the sides & sauce were all good.

breaded barramundi

the breaded barramundi fillet looked good too.

chocolate banana dessert

for dessert we had a profiterole choux bun with chocolate mousse & banana, quite ok…& ice cream.

i have nothing but praises for these excellent student delivery, a very enjoyable lunch – company of old friends, food & ambience…

LS, the pastry chef among us again provided a pretty bottle of macadamia cockies for PL who bought lunch.

c.h.e.f. andy


Top Table @ Temasek Polytechnic


Opening Hours (for a short period where the program is putting out actual lunches by students):

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