Not So Good Congee @ 极之好粥面茶餐厅 on Day 2 – 21Feb2017

pig innards congee 状元及第粥

pig innards congee 状元及第粥

one friend did not have good sleep night before our flight to hong kong on 20.2.2017. he needed some make-up sleep time so we decided to start our day at 11am.

the other 3 of us decided to go out early for breakfast.

there was this mui kee 妹记粥家which one friend shared on whatsapp before our trip, it’s nearby at fa yuen street, so we decided to look for it. we found it on level 3 of fa yun street market & cooked food centre, but it’s closed on tuesday.

we walked on the next street tung choi street & decided to try 极之好粥面茶餐厅.

the name means extremely good. unfortunately the food was actually not so good. so 极之好粥面家but 不怎么好 la…

pig innards congee 状元及第粥

pig innards congee 状元及第粥

we ordered the usual pig innards congee 状元及第粥.

hong kong congee can’t be too bad…just that our expectations also higher, and this congee was not sweet ie tasty enough, not smooth enough, just not shiok enough…

pig stomach congee 滑肚粥

pig stomach congee 滑肚粥

they said pig liver & kidney not ready, so we ordered pig stomach congee 滑肚粥.

this though NOT just not good enough, but downright poor. stomach was not smooth at all nor tender, basically not quite ready, actually tough….

braised large intestines 鲁大肠

braised large intestines 鲁大肠

the braised large intestines 鲁大肠 though was quite perfect. nice “pang” flavours, tender, tasty braises…good as a braised large intestines 鲁大肠…

but no comparison with the very tasty braised large intestines 鲁大肠 at our recent scrumptious lunch at 東北胖妈春饼店(Northeast Mom Spring Pancake) at 23 smith street on 21.1.2017.

that was just so good!

too bad, hong kong so many nice eating places, this one i am not coming back.

c.h.e.f andy


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