Good Prata & Masala Mutton @ Casuarina Curry at 6th Avenue on 31Aug2016

prata egg

prata egg

daughter wanted prata for dinner & drove me to the casuarina curry at 6th avenue on 31.8.2016. ^^

the whole family had been here before except me, the first time.

i wasn’t going to take dinner.

had put on 2kg, sometimes 3kg this year. have been running consistently 10km twice a week, and i didn’t think i eat more than before but also not less la…

PLUS today i had a great lunch at mikuni with my OPS primary school classmate. i try to do 1 meal a day not always successful.

& after lunch had four seasons chendol + coffee some more.

so daughter ordered her prata egg.

masala mutton cubes

masala mutton cubes

i was observing to the server that they did not have mysore mutton like mr prata.

the manager interjected that they had masala mutton today instead.

as this my first time here, i decided to just try it….horrors! what an excuse! 🙂

masala mutton cubes

masala mutton cubes

the masala mutton was good too….

i especially like the curry & herb flavours, and i tasted the galangal also…

prata gosong

prata gosong

& have to order the prata gosong.

the dough was tasty & also fresh & crispy done on the spot! good stuff! ^^

my daughter’s prata egg came with the dal.

i love dal as much as the curry. my daughter didn’t take so i finished up the dal as well.

lagi ex leh

lagi ex leh

we ordered a mee goreng for my youngest daughter. 🙂

i thought the price lagi ex leh – S$6 for mee goreng & S$1.20 for prata gosong, but this is a restaurant & i guess quite the going price (say even like vivo’s food republic)..

casuarina prata

casuarina prata

somehow a quick look at the other curries shown here didn’t appeal to me so much.

it was quite strange the manager stopped me from taking a second photo. no problem la…in fact we chatted quite a bit afterwards, and of course i did not take any more photos. not a must but i would have thought nothing trade secret from photos in this kind of place & they would welcome blog photos. but to each his own la…:-)

afterwards i look at the menu again online. seems ok maybe with give the fish head curry & nasi beryani a try sometimes.

the outing was a very good bonding session with my daughter. children are busy now work or studies. though we have many makans together outside every week, a tete a tete is always a welcome. daughter talked about her work, friends, plan etc we had a really great time together.

c.h.e.f andy


Casuarina Curry @ 6th Avenue


20 Sixth Ave, 276479


6469 6915


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