Bean Sauce Pork Cubes – 2nd Teban Gardens Community Meal on 15Jan2016

last week, i started bringing some dishes t0 teban gardens community service centre (CSC). ^^

they do free friday breakfast & a halal monday lunch every week for the residents.

last week i brought some char siew & also miso belly pork. they all liked it as it is always good to add some new dishes & variety.

actually the CSC is very well run & they already have a very good breakfast going.

for this week, i decided on black bean sauce pork cubes. i was away with my RI buddies (6 of us) in hong kong & only back home last evening, so i asked my helper to help me prepare. my friends love the usual spicy version using pork ribs.

for today, i used 2kg pork cubes (boneless) and asked my helper not to add any chilli. i tasted the sauce – still very nice & not spicy.

recipe is simple, just the pork cubes & the lkk (lee kum kee) black bean sauce. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

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