Free i-sim for free 3G data & phone calls in HK, Macau, Taiwan

this i-sim card fro free 3G data & free calls in HK & Macau is really useful

this i-sim card for free 3G data & free calls in HK & Macau is really useful

friend of mine has a nose for all good deals.

she told me before about the free i-sim card & reminded me again for my hong kong trip..

so i duely told my friends, and 4 of us downloaded the i-sim app from app stores.

i-sim reservation

i-sim reservation

i-sim reservation was straight forward.

collection was also convenient. an email followed with a map showing i-sim card collection counter A08 at hong kong airport terminal 1 5/F.

& according to my friend, she collected from hung hom station location (also provided in the i-sim app above) w/o making a reservation.

thanks to my friends, this was one of the most useful “free” thing to have in hong kong.

we had free 3G data & free calls in HK & Macau. so we could search info on the net on 3G easily while traveling, use google maps to get us to new daipaidongs & places we wanted to explore, search for jenny’s bakery & 楼上grocery/dry goods chain while on the move.

there was just one hitch..there was only 160Mb of data..

actually it felt like 16Mb rather than 160Mb.

i have like 2Gb data in singapore & i like “never” use more than 300Mb or 400Mb in 1 month, but in hong kong i did not share or post photos etc while on the move, and yet the “160Mb???” lasted like 1 to 2 days..after that you have to hit a few advertisements to “reload” to 160Mb…it was no problem for us…just think of it like playing some phone games press here…press press here …& behold 160Mb…

there is also a annual subscription version for the i-sim. but we were perfectly happy with the “free” i-sim la. ^^

c.h.e.f andy