Bought My First Foldable Bike = Dahon mu n360 with nuVinci CVT Hub Gears on 3.4.2014

dahon mu n360 with cvt (continuous variable transmission) hub gear

dahon mu n360 with cvt (continuous variable transmission) hub gear

happy to report that the dahon has served me well so far. 🙂

bought a foldie (foldable bike) for my wife for her birthday present in 2012. she went cycling with friends very occasionally as i was not much into cycling.

we were going to amsterdam in apr2014 with our youngest daughter and wife planned to cycle there (see cycling the waterland route in amsterdam).

so i finally stirred myself into action & bought a dahon mu n360 (aluminium frame, fork & handle, some alloy seat post) on 3.4.2014, 1.5 weeks before our amsterdam trip.

i was very happy with the bike. 🙂

internal hub & nuVinci cvt (continuous variable transmission) = seamless gear change

11-speed internal hub gears

& nuVinci cvt (continuous variable transmission) = seamless gear change

& nuVinci cvt (continuous variable transmission) = seamless gear change

dahon has 70% of the entire world market.

mu is the patented curve frame series, and n360 is the latest 2013 bike with 11-speed internal hub & nuVinci cvt (continuous variable transmission) = seamless gear change

really good technology =

dahon mu n360 with cvt (continuous variable transmission) hub gear

dahon mu n360 with cvt (continuous variable transmission) hub gear

& the seat post is a bicycle pump! omt! (a friend told me oh my 天! instead of oh my god! for free-thinkers). 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.38.57 pm

only worry was bike was a parallel import by internet marketer, not by dahon distributor speed matrix, so worry about service & warranty.

these days though the internet is incredible & the guy was able to show me by scratching a holographic label & inputing the code into dahon official website to verify it was authentic & got a welcome message.

i entered the code again when i got home, and the website returned a message that provided the time the code was first entered for verification by the seller, and then by me.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.38.37 pm Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.38.03 pm& i received an email on the lifetime warranty on its frame, handle post & rigid fork. amazing! i guess that doesn’t mean much except in the case of manufacturer’s defect. better than nothing anyway. 🙂

well, that made me the proud owner of a middle-of-the-range not too expensive foldable bike, so i can go cycling with my wife. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Mediocre Bakchormee @ Seng Kee (胜记) Serangoon Garden Food Centre on 19Nov2014


Seng Kee (胜记) Bakchormee @ Serangoon Garden Food Centre

after cycling at east coast park, we went to serangoon gardens to use a groupon voucher at relish, but relish was closed for private function, so we wandered to serangoon gardens food centre on 19.11.2014. 🙂

i recalled some friends were talking on whatsapp about bakchormee here, the stall where the guy used to clank his wares (no longer since he moved here).

there were 3 bakchomee stalls, but i managed to confirm with my friends that it was seng kee (胜记) bakchormee. actually the many messages & feedback were quite negative, especially regards the S$9 fish maw soup, but since we had not tried before, we decided to go for bakchormee rather than other food. 🙂


Seng Kee (胜记) Bakchormee @ Serangoon Garden Food Centre


soup, Seng Kee (胜记) Bakchormee


Seng Kee (胜记) Bakchormee @ Serangoon Garden Food Centre

there was no queue at 12pm on a wednesday & i was bale to pick up my 2 bowls of S$4 bakchormee immediately (i was not going to take the S$9 fish maw soup after those feedback). after me though there was a queue of about 4 to 5, and the only one of the 3 stalls to have a queue.

that should have been promising, however the results were very disappointing. i would say the bakchormee was totally mediocre, can probably get better from any coffeeshop or hawker centre.

for us, the main failure was the chilli. i went to ask for more chilli. chilli looked potent but it had no taste no kick. my wife’s mee kia (thin noodles) was still qq, my meepok was becoming soggy.

the ingredients were quite good, with teepor (dried flatfish/sole) & her kilo (fish dumplings), mushroom sauce, liver, lean meat etc.

the soup also looked promising, but the taste was again disappointing, whereas the soup at 6th avenue jalan tua kong meepok tar was so tasty.

anyway, the whole experience was just “no shiok”. no comparison with 6th avenue jalan tua kong meepok tar or for that matter sunny fishball noodles also at 6th avenue, jalan tua kong lau lim meepok tar in bedoktai hwa bakchormee at crawford lane, ming fa upper thomson etc.


ice kachang @ Serangoon Garden Food Centre

i had ice kachang & my wife took the soursop jelly. ice kachang was not to my taste (i like it sweet with more syrup & evaporated milk like at adam road food centre). the soup sop was good but the jelly was not the soft type.


Seng Kee (胜记) Bakchormee @ Serangoon Gardens Food Centre


Serangoon Gardens Food Centre

my friends told me on whatsapp later that the duck rice & 猪杂汤 is good here. will try them next time. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy