Good HK Standard Beef Brisket Noodles @ Lao Jie Fang 老街坊 Mei Chin FC on 8Aug2014

went to queensway shopping centre to replace a pair of plastic spectacles frame which i broke in amsterdam during my april2014 trip. it was done on the spot, just pay money of course!

decided to stop by mei chin market & food centre. the fishball noodles at xin lu (新路) teochew fish ball noodles & hup kee were both quite ok. 🙂

saw the lao jie fang 老街坊 cantonese beef brisket noodles at stall #02-15, and decided to try it instead. unfortunately did not bring phone so no photos. 😦

牛杂面  at HK street stalls

牛杂面 at HK street stalls

i love the beef brisket noodles 牛腩/杂面 at HK street stalls. regrettably cannot find any in singapore even remotely similar, the hainanese gluey beef noodles not really my cup of noodles, anyway have never taken them for years now.

beef brisket noodles 牛腩面 - S$8

beef brisket noodles 牛腩面 – S$8 @ noodles restaurant

the nearest i had which was pretty good really was the beef noodles at noodles restaurant, only thing missing was the mixed innards 牛杂. i just imagine that because of that somehow the taste of the soup was not as good.

at this lao jie fang stall, they have beef briskets at S$3.50 & briskets + tendons at S$5. the stall owner offered dry. in HK you usually take soup but anyway i gave it a try. the noodles was very nicely done, very QQ (al dente), not mushy, & the chilli & overall flavour was good. there was a good helping of briskets & tendons – 3 large pieces of tendons & 4 briskets.

i would rate this almost as good as the one at noodles restaurant, except this came with tendon so more satisfying. soup was good too but even further from the real thing in HK streets than the noodles restaurant.

this a stall i would definitely try again. when i happens to go there again, i will try the soup version. but somehow w/o the 牛杂, cannot revisit the same shiok factor as in HK streets, so maybe i should try cooking up my own beef brisket noodles 牛腩面. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy



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