Great Dinner @ Canton Paradise at J-Cube on 26Nov2014

1/2 roast duck

1/2 roast duck

quick update 6pax family dinner here 2 days later.

we had an early dinner at canton paradise @ J-cube on 26.11.2014. 🙂

wife bought a groupon voucher S$28.80 for S$50. we went at 4.3opm to skip the dinner crowd, traffic & parking.

canton paradise @ j-cube

canton paradise @ j-cube

the restaurant was quite empty at that time.

har gao(虾饺)

har gao(虾饺)

har gao(虾饺)

har gao(虾饺)

we ordered the har gao(虾饺). good as always. 🙂

1/2 roast duck

1/2 roast duck – S$25

and of course our favourite 1/2 roast duck. the roast duck at canton paradise is really good, and this one was no exception, so flavourful and the breast meat so tender. this, like the roast duck at star vista outlet, is truly hong kong standard. the only other place i had roast duck of this standard was at the noodles restaurant.

spicy dumplings (抄手)

spicy dumplings (抄手)

spicy dumplings (抄手)

spicy dumplings (抄手)

the spicy dumplings (抄手) was very good too.

porridge (minced prok balls, kidney, beef)

porridge (minced prok balls, kidney, beef)

porridge (minced prok balls, kidney, beef)

porridge (minced pork balls, kidney, beef) – S$9.20

and we always like the porridge (congee), very smooth & sweet. we had the selection of 3  (minced pork balls, kidney, beef). mmmm…really nice.

S$8.80 weekday afternoon promotion

S$8.80 weekday afternoon promotion

they had this weekday promotion, just S$8.80 for 1 porridge, 1 dim sum & drink, from 2.30pm to 5pm. it’s a really good deal but we could not take that as we had our groupon deal. i probably come back here with some friends. 🙂

the dinner for 2pax came to S$58nett including drink & water, towels etc, so we had to top up S$8, which added to a total of S$37 with the voucher, a very good price for the food we had. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Decent Mixed Beef Soup (牛杂汤) @ Scotts Hwa Heng Beef Noodles B4 Ion Orchard on 19Aug2014

mixed beef soup (牛杂汤)

mixed beef soup (牛杂汤) – S$5

went to uniqlo at ion orchard B3 to buy something, so dropped by food opera at B4 to check out the stalls.

ordered a S$5 mixed beef soup (牛杂汤) w/o noodles or rice at hwa heng beef noodles.

heng hwa beef noodles

hwa heng beef noodles

heng hwa beef noodles

hwa heng beef noodles

mixed beef soup (牛杂汤)

mixed beef soup (牛杂汤) – S$5

there were just 2 or 3 slices of beef, 2 pieces of braised beef, 3 beef balls & quite several cut of stomach – decent enough portion for S$5 here i guess. the soup is the usual singapore hainanese beef noodle type soup (stall was supposed to be from 1948), which is slightly sweet & light closer to vietnamese “pho” than thai. pretty good. don’t have the robust beefy flavours & punch of HK beef noodle soup which was ok as i was not expecting it to.

my preference would still be beef noodle soup at thai noodle house, the beef brisket noodles 牛腩面 at noodles restaurant and at  Lao Jie Fang 老街坊 Mei Chin Food Court. but i am also quite happy with this for a change. 🙂

overall, pretty ok.

c.h.e.f andy

Good HK Standard Beef Brisket Noodles @ Lao Jie Fang 老街坊 Mei Chin FC on 8Aug2014

went to queensway shopping centre to replace a pair of plastic spectacles frame which i broke in amsterdam during my april2014 trip. it was done on the spot, just pay money of course!

decided to stop by mei chin market & food centre. the fishball noodles at xin lu (新路) teochew fish ball noodles & hup kee were both quite ok. 🙂

saw the lao jie fang 老街坊 cantonese beef brisket noodles at stall #02-15, and decided to try it instead. unfortunately did not bring phone so no photos. 😦

牛杂面  at HK street stalls

牛杂面 at HK street stalls

i love the beef brisket noodles 牛腩/杂面 at HK street stalls. regrettably cannot find any in singapore even remotely similar, the hainanese gluey beef noodles not really my cup of noodles, anyway have never taken them for years now.

beef brisket noodles 牛腩面 - S$8

beef brisket noodles 牛腩面 – S$8 @ noodles restaurant

the nearest i had which was pretty good really was the beef noodles at noodles restaurant, only thing missing was the mixed innards 牛杂. i just imagine that because of that somehow the taste of the soup was not as good.

at this lao jie fang stall, they have beef briskets at S$3.50 & briskets + tendons at S$5. the stall owner offered dry. in HK you usually take soup but anyway i gave it a try. the noodles was very nicely done, very QQ (al dente), not mushy, & the chilli & overall flavour was good. there was a good helping of briskets & tendons – 3 large pieces of tendons & 4 briskets.

i would rate this almost as good as the one at noodles restaurant, except this came with tendon so more satisfying. soup was good too but even further from the real thing in HK streets than the noodles restaurant.

this a stall i would definitely try again. when i happens to go there again, i will try the soup version. but somehow w/o the 牛杂, cannot revisit the same shiok factor as in HK streets, so maybe i should try cooking up my own beef brisket noodles 牛腩面. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


23pax Dinner @ Ban Heng Orchard Central on 25Apr2014


braised small abalones with broccoli

had our dinner get-together for 23pax at ban heng @ orchard central on 25.4.2014. we had 3 tables. sure looks like our monthly dinners are gaining traction and we have sustainable numbers coming together to catch up each month. 🙂

i had never been to ban heng, the original at boon keng & the now many new outlets. they have a weekday ala carte buffet at S$26.80pax i emailed the link to the organiser & he arranged to do it at the orchard central outlet.


chilli crab


sharks fin soup


stir-fried frog legs


drunken prawns


stir-fried scallops with asparagus


garlic steamed scallops with tanhoon


deep-fried soon hock

we started with the list of chef’s recommendations above. for me the best dish was the abalone. 🙂 it was about or almost the normal good restaurant standard, not better.

the rest of the dishes were kind of below par or maybe i should say just ok. however everything is relative. the price of S$26.80 is i guess pretty alright for the number of dishes, though these days there were more talks of worthwhile calories & worthwhile cholesterol and focus was more on quality than quantity. 1 friend i asked during dinner said pretty much the same, that relative to price it was ok. another friend commented on FB post afterwards – “The food was actually quite satisfactory for the price and place”.

1 place though i would consider a whole lot better than (after trying) ban heng would be the ala carte buffet at peach garden.

the chilli crab was pretty ok though not spicy (as we were told by the servers), but it was not a dish that the ladies took much nor the rest.

the sharkskin soup was gluey like sometimes served in wedding dinners. i took <1/2 of the portion served.

the drunken prawn was among the better dishes. 1 lady on my table commented that it had nicely herb flavoured soup. the prawns were quite ok.

the frog legs were a bit below par (say) c/w the plump, meaty ones at ah yat turf city.

likewise the garlic steamed scallops with tanhoon. this should be a pretty standard dish if using live scallops, but somehow the scallop & garnishing were not tasty.  i do a much better tasty dish using IQF frozen razor clams from giant, but of course i always prefer razor clams to scallops for this garlic steamed preparation.

the stir-fried scallops with asparagus was also an average dish. the asparagus were quite good in texture & taste. scallops were just average. like the frog leg, this dish was lacking in ‘wok hae”, which was surprising as the baby kailan dish that came later had very good wok hae.

the deep-fried soon hock was also quite average. this was also a standard dish at many restaurants. couldn’t say it was poor but while the fishes were crispy outside, the inside were not moist & tender as the usually good ones at most restaurants, & the sauce were not so tasty as well.


roast duck


steamed sea bass

the lady who commented on the drunken prawns went to spy on the other tables…haha…& we ordered the steamed seabass & the roast duck. good food-spotting, well done!

the 1/2 seabass with spicy bean sauce was good. 🙂 though 1 friend commented that soon hock was a better & more expensive fish…but it goes to show that quality of cooking/preparation is equally or sometime more important than quality of ingredients. 🙂

the roast duck was good too, flavourful but just a tad salty. 🙂 (but compare this with the really good roast duck at noodle restaurant at centrepoint!) it prompted the lady friend to say perhaps the trick was to mine the non chef recommendations.


stir-fried baby kai lans


spinach with superior stock

the 2 vegetables dishes we ordered were quite good, above average. the baby kailan had very good wok hae. & the spinach with superior stock was good. nice tasty stock.


thai deep-fried tofu


prawn cocktail salad


braised goose


hae chor

10294413_10152348756534494_6515834032046957718_n the deep-fried tofu with thai sauce was much below par, both the tofu & also the sauce.

the mayo prawn salad was quite ok & refreshing though not a favourite with me.

the hae chor looks were not so appealing. the taste was just ok.

the braised goose was to me below par, which is kind of surprising for an establishment that started out as teochew restaurant 42years ago in 1972. it was not “pang” i.e. flavourful & texture was over boiled. my favourite is the braised duck at imperial treasure teochew restaurant at ngee ann city. my own teochew braised duck is also more flavourful than this. 1 friend asked whether one could tell between goose & duck. couple of us felt that (say) when eating goose in hong kong the more gamey & fragrant taste was quite apparent. 🙂

desserts were provided on a self-serviced buffet table. the ice jelly was quite refreshing. i had 2 helpings topped up with sea coconut. 🙂

overall, food, ambience & price were quite ok for such a get-together.  ala carte buffet was quite convenient, one price, easy to manage for groups & don’t really have to plan or pre-order the food, pretty much order anything you fancy. we were mostly more interested in talking, with food as a good accompaniment, so i was not paying much attention to the menu too.  it’s probably not a place i would go much or soon.

c.h.e.f andy