Coffee & Waffles & Cake in a Jar @ Grin Affair Bishan on 3Mar2016

grin affair

grin affair

after a nice late lunch at kim san leng food centre, another friend joined us & 4 of us walked over to grin affair for a cuppa on 3.3.2016. ^^

the place was recommended by a friend’s daughter. these days, it’s the young folks that recommend hip places to us. 🙂

coffee @ grin affair

coffee @ grin affair

i had my usual flat white. did not take a photo.

coffee was good, though nothing so different. i would say carpenters & cook, assembly coffee, dutch colony, CSH etc has better ambience & overall experience, and some have better pastry.

this place is ok.

grin affair discount voucher

grin affair discount voucher

there was a 1 for 1 promotion for the waffles at S$5.90.

it was pretty good. came with ice cream (we picked durian, strawberry, earl grey etc), and very nice cookie & cream soil at the bottom. at S$3 it was quite good & the small portion of waffle was just nice for us each.

there was some other voucher on the table so i took a snap.

cake in a jar

cake in a jar

bought some cake in a jar for my daughter also – a laichee passion fruit & a greentea.

she was good with it. i tried 1 teaspoon myself…laichee was good, green tea so so for me la…

c.h.e.f andy


Grin Affair
#01-408, 505D Bishan Street 11, 574505

Desserts, Western

Another Wonderful Lunch @ Tunglok Signature Orchard Parade on 30Oct2013

razor clams

razor clams S$10.50 each

a good friend bought me an excellent lunch at tunglok signature @ orchard parade on 30.10.2013. according to the service staff, they wanted to promote their set menu hence they offered palate discounts only for set menus on weekends (i had an excellent dinner set here recently on 19.10.2013),  this was a weekday, we could only do ala carte to have the discounts. 🙂

lie tong

lie tong – S$14 for 1/2 pot serves 3-4pax

star garoupa fillet with brocoli & lily bulbs

star garoupa fillet with brocoli & lily bulbs S$38

lobster in 2 ways

lobster in 2 ways S$32 for 1/2 lobster

ala carte was good too. 🙂

we ordered the razor clams. this was steamed with the usual minced garlic. the sauce looked a bit darker than light soy sauce. the taste was good, and the bite was almost there though my friend felt it was still a wee bit tough. so it wasn’t perfect but still pretty good. btw, i also did a good steamed razor clam in garlic oil myself. 🙂

the lie tong as usual was super! 🙂 the 1/2 pot was enough for 4pax & we had 2 bowls each.

the star garoupa fillet with brocoli & lily bulbs were ok but missing the very evident wok hae, & the fish was not as firm & sweet as the ones i had recently at tunglok signature branch @ central.

the lobster in 2 ways – the flour gratin part was flavourful & the other was sweet & watermelon refreshing. 🙂 still, it was not quite worth S$32pax & both my friend & i would go with lobster steamed with superior sauce (上汤局) anytime. 🙂

durian ice cream in coconut

durian puree in coconut S$12

aloe vera with lime sorbet

aloe vera with lime sorbet S$6

testtube juice - 5 fruits

testtube juice – 5 fruits

for dessert my friend ordered the durian puree in coconut. i tried a teaspoon of the duran. it was excellent! i had the aloe vera with lime sorbet. it was very good too. i love it! 🙂 we also had some complimentary 5 juices in a test tube. 🙂

it was a very enjoyable lunch! the cost came to S$96 for 2 after 50% palate discounts. they only charged S$1.50pax for tea. we had pu er & tea was good tea too. they should see me around more often.

c.h.e.f andy

Marvellous Thai @ Patara Fine Cuisine on 19Jun2013

curry NZ sirloin

curry NZ sirloin

see also 29.7.2013 Patara update. 🙂

my wife bought some Creative Eatery vouchers. our favourite in the group is Patara Fine Cuisine @ Tanglin Mall. they serve 1 of the best tomyam talay (seafood) and olive rice.

when Patara was part of palate benefits with 1 person dining free, we went there often. for Thai food though, it is harder to order for 2pax to get the 50% discount, so we sometimes went in 3pax & had 33% discounts. The vouchers we used this time were purchased at 50% of the voucher value so it’s a better deal even. 🙂

tom yam talay

tom yam talay S$23 for 1 pot serving 2-3pax

we loved the tom yam talay here. 🙂 an earthen pot serving 2-3pax costing S$23 came with 2 plump scallops, 2 large prawns and many pieces of sliced squid, and the flavour was wonderful. 🙂

Thai betel nut skewers

Thai betel nut skewers – S$18

my wife liked the betel but skewers, like a Thai satay. it’s not my favourite but it was a nice dish nonetheless.

olive rice

olive rice – S$19

my other favourite dish here was olive rice, another superb flavourful dish, 1 of the few rice (carbo) dishes I would clean up the plate..haha. 🙂 the other place I would do that is (the fried rice at) Imperial Treasure. 🙂

20130619_130735 20130619_130749

Thai stuffed chicken wings also not my favourite. however this one here was 1 of the best I had, the chicken was very crispy but NOT dry & the minced chicken stuffing was tasty.

20130619_130925 20130619_130819

another look at my 2 favourite dishes. 🙂

curry NZ sirloin

curry NZ sirloin – S$27

& the best dish par excellence we had this time had to be the curry NZ sirloin (above & top photos). the beef itself was great, tender & done slightly medium rare, and the curry added such a wonderful combination of flavours. 🙂

we also had their delightful durian sticky rice dessert. the one here was a touch of class. it came in 2 aperitif glasses, 1 containing the durian sticky rice with coconut milk, the other with a coconut ice cream (regrettably I forgot to take a photo). they were heavenly taken together. 🙂 it cost S$15 & we shared among the 3 of us.

the lunch, 5 dishes + 1 dessert cost S$150, so it’s S$75 using the vouchers. I do find Patara a bit steep in terms of normal pricing (but I guess no more so than Thanying etc), but with the discounts it was a great deal! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy